COMING SOON! – Sophomore Student Retention & Success: Challenges, Best Practices & Steps Forward

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Why You Need This Resource

Most colleges and universities have a robust suite of supports and programs in place around first-year students, but offer comparatively little for their sophomores. As retention grows in priority, many institutions are working on changing this. This report provides a brief overview of what the higher ed landscape looks like when it comes to sophomore initiatives, walks through a collection of best-practice institutional examples, and offers practical tips and advice from experts about how to move forward in creating or bolstering your own sophomore experience programs on campus.



You Will Learn:


What the baseline currently looks like: approximately how many institutions have sophomore initiatives in place? What do most sophomore initiatives consist of?


About what best-practice sophomore year experience programs look like across a number of institutions


Common pitfalls or missteps to avoid in building sophomore programs on your own campus

You Will Get:


A comprehensive research report in digital format


Insights based on in-depth interviews with orientation & transitions staff, professors, and other student success professionals across higher ed


Practical advice from experts about how to move forward in creating or enhancing your own sophomore initiatives