Using Experiential Learning to Link Classroom Content to Real Life Situations (Webcast Recording)



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Experiential learning is a hot topic right now in higher ed, but few institutions have managed to integrate it meaningfully into their curriculum on a larger scale. Join us for a webcast to learn about how North Park University institutionalized experiential learning into its undergraduate curriculum through a full-scale redesign.  Every Wednesday, classrooms at North Park close in favor of on-the-ground learning with businesses, cultural institutions, and community leaders in the city of Chicago.

During the webcast, you will walk through the questions and answers that allowed the University to incorporate experiential learning on an ongoing basis, including:

  • What was the budget for this project?
  • How do you restructure class schedules to accommodate experiential learning?
  • How does the University arrange and coordinate site visits?
  • How do you transport students?
  • How do you assess learning and overall impact of the experiential lessons?

A Case Study with Plenty of Examples

This webcast will provide you with the inspiration and practical advice for how to create experiential learning opportunities in your curriculum design and instruction at your institution. You will also gain a clear understanding of what resources and planning go into curricular innovation.

Who Should Attend

Administrators and faculty interested in creating more comprehensive civil and experiential learning opportunities for students. Whether you are one instructor starting small or part of an administration looking for institutional change, learn how to bring the real world into the classroom.


Gregor Thuswaldner, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, North Park University

Michael Emerson, Provost, North Park University


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