Cultivating Creativity by Building Trust Within Your Team



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You don’t need to be creative to foster creativity on your team. Learn how to create an environment where your team feels safe enough to take risks.

Innovation and creativity are what higher ed needs right now to push past the challenges of 2020. Creativity requires your team to share ideas, challenge each other's ideas, admit mistakes, and move past them. It requires risk-taking and an entrepreneurial spirit to try new things. To support a culture of creativity, you, as their leader, must create a secure and psychologically safe environment where your team feels empowered to be vulnerable.

Join us online and learn how to create a culture of trust within your team that encourages them to be their most creative selves in order to solve problems. During this webcast, you will learn how to create the necessary conditions to foster a safe environment for your team to be creative. Get tips on how to:

  • Encourage curiosity and vulnerability
  • Normalize failure
  • Assign credit when and where credit is due
  • Back up your team when things go awry


Who Should Attend

This webcast is designed for any leader who wants to learn how to create a culture of trust that makes their team feel secure and psychologically safe to take risks and bring forth new and creative ideas. Please note, you don’t have to identify as a “creative” type yourself to benefit from this webcast.



1. Encourage Curiosity and Vulnerability Through Inclusion
To create a culture of trust, you must also create a sense of inclusion, so that everyone feels as if they can and want to contribute their ideas and solutions. You will learn how to:

  • Apply different methods and techniques for generating ideas from within your team
  • Engage and manage expectations within your team when there are conflicting ideas


2. Champion Your Team’s Ideas
Your team needs to know you have their back and will support them as their ideas are actualized and implemented. You will learn how to:

  • Package and communicate your team’s ideas in a way that ensures acceptance by administration
  • Promote your team’s best ideas across campus and give credit when and where it is due


3. Take Accountability and Frame Failure When Things Go Wrong
Your team needs to know that you will support them when their ideas don’t work out or when they make mistakes. Walk away with tips for how to:

  • Effectively communicate accountability for you and your team
  • Frame failure as something from which to learn
  • Demonstrate personal courage that inspires your team



portrait of Amy Poland

Amy Poland

Associate Dean and Director of Online Learning, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, St. Joseph's College

Amy has led the St. Joseph’s College Online team from the launch of the online campus in 2015 with less than 100 students to a campus of over 500 students today. Beyond leading her own team, her responsibilities include working collaboratively with marketing, enrollment management, informational technology, and academics to deliver high-quality online courses and programs for all students across the three campuses. 

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