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Learn how organizations and institutions have successfully increased the retention rates of their veteran and military-connected students. Tanya Ang of the American Council on Education and Bruce Kelley with University of South Dakota will discuss:

  • Common issues impacting military-connected students’ success
  • Critical areas of support that you may be missing
  • Student support and community services that can help
  • Methods for creating veteran-friendly classrooms

Why This Program?

Institutions across the US are seeing an increasing rate of military-connected students. As with other “non-traditional” populations, this subset can often feel disconnected from their peers. Many are older than the 18-22 range, some have families or other commitments, and they often have jobs in addition to their classes. Many struggle with feeling that they “belong” in academe. This affords a huge opportunity for your institution to incorporate support services and develop faculty in a way that greatly impacts the success of this growing student population.

Who Should Attend

Student support and academic professionals charged with military-connected student success will benefit from this event. You may want to bring a team together with representatives from:

  • Veterans Services
  • Academic advisors
  • Student services
  • Career services
  • Retention professionals
  • Registrars

Learning outcome

After participating in this online training, you will have a foundation for creating or improving your outreach program to improve the retention and success rates of your military-connected students. 


  • The current landscape: understanding the growing population of military-connected students
  • Common issues facing students who are military veterans
  • Successful support services
    • Student Services
      • Admissions
      • Advising & Career Services
      • Benefits
      • Earning college credit
    • Community Services & the Institution
      • Identifying and addressing potential academic risks
      • Community engagement to address needs and mitigate costs on the institution
      • Creative ways institutions are addressing issues on their campuses
  • Faculty development: Creating Veteran-Friendly Classrooms


Tanya Ang, Director of Veterans’ Programs, American Council on Education (ACE)

Tanya oversees ACE veterans initiatives. In this role, she works in collaboration with institutions of higher learning, employers, veteran and military service organizations, and other key stakeholders to identify promising practices and partnerships that will build and enhance a smoother transition from military service into post-secondary education and the civilian workforce. Tanya has worked in higher education for over 15 years in a variety of roles, including Administrative Analyst for the Vice President of Student Affairs Office at California State University, Fullerton and Associate Registrar at Vanguard University, where the majority of her work focused on the non-traditional student, including military and student veterans. Ang serves on the Secretary of Veterans Affairs’ Advisory Committee on Education.

Bruce Kelley, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of South Dakota

Bruce provides strategic leadership for the center as a direct report to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Kelley also serves as the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) between the University of South Dakota and the Higher Learning Commission. Kelley is the author of two books and numerous articles, including the highly acclaimed Preparing Your Campus for Veterans’ Success:  An Integrated Approach to Facilitating the Transition and Persistence of our Military Students (Stylus, 2013).  


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