Developing a Strategy for Equity-Based Fundraising



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Improve your engagement and fundraising results by achieving and drawing from a more diverse alumni pool.


Unconscious resistance is the thing that continues to prevent shops from advancing and implementing a more equity-based fundraising strategy that engages the diversity of their alumni base. With the changing demographics in student bodies and young alumni in higher education today, implementing a sound strategy will deepen engagement and increase philanthropic giving from alumni who bring new and unique lived experiences to their philanthropic choices.

To improve your engagement and fundraising results from a more diverse alumni pool, a culture and infrastructure built upon equally diverse voices and input must be created. Whether you’re planning to launch a listening tour to speak to your different populations, honing in on how data is gathered, or rethinking how prospects are screened, there are many different approaches you can take to advance equity-based fundraising at your institution.

Join us in this training to lean into the commitment to continue advancing equity-based fundraising by defining the problem you want to solve and leaving with a concrete next-step to progress toward your goal.


Who Should Attend

This training is for alumni relations and annual giving professionals who want to engage and fundraise from a wider variety of alumni and prospects, in order to implement a more equity-based fundraising approach into their shop.

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December 1, 2022

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET


Defining the Problems Preventing Equity-Based Fundraising

There are many challenges to progress that will either enhance or weaken your quest to achieve equity-based fundraising. For many shops, that progress begins with internal buy-in—or lack thereof. For others, data issues may prevent the implementation of a foundational strategy due to a lack of knowledge on how to segment alumni and prospects, which will prevent them from setting priorities in the first place. Learn the variety of problems facing equity-based fundraising and identify the one that is specifically preventing your team from engaging and fundraising more effectively with your diverse populations.



Developing a Strategy Specific to Your Defined Problem

Recognizing the most critical step to take to improve your equity-based fundraising is only part of the solution. Developing the strategy that solves your defined problem comes next. Learn how to implement the change you want to see by breaking down a strategy statement into realistic segments that you can accomplish within this fiscal year.


Portrait of Clarybel Peguero

Clarybel Peguero, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President for Multicultural Advancement, Alumni Engagement and Development Office, Duke University

Clarybel has over 20 years in higher education administration. She is an expert in setting strategy, leadership development, and implementation and administration of diversity and inclusion initiatives. She has designed and delivered trainings related to inclusion, unconscious bias, cultural competence, and microaggressions and has extensive experience in organizational culture and change management.

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portrait of Kat Walsh

Kat Walsh

Senior Executive Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, University of Michigan

As part of the University of Michigan’s five year initiative for creating a more vibrant campus, Ms. Walsh heads department-wide efforts toward implementing policies aimed at diversifying and creating more equitable opportunities for OUD staff, donors, and volunteers. Ms. Walsh also leads student philanthropy initiatives on the University of Michigan campus. This involves developing a culture of giving among Michigan students  through outreach, education, and fundraising initiatives.

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