Mitigating and Responding to Bias in Your Title IX Process



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Learn how to recognize implicit bias within your team and hold each other accountable.


To ensure confidence in the fair and equitable grievance process, the new 2020 Title IX regulations require bias reduction training for all members of your Title IX team. Implicit bias is inevitable; we all have them. Even with awareness and regular training, bias may sneak into your process. What can you do to prevent it and how should you respond when it does present itself?  

Join us online to get tips and strategies from our expert faculty on how to recognize and mitigate bias during your grievance process. This training is designed to help you evaluate how bias shows up within your team and at various stages of your grievance process (e.g. during your line of questioning or when preparing reports), so that you can reduce the impact of bias in the final outcome of the caseThrough discussions and scenario-based learning, you will identify ways you and your team can work together to encourage peer-to-peer accountability and reduce the impact of implicit bias during your Title IX process.  


Who Should Attend

Those who oversee the Title IX process, such as Title IX Coordinators or Deputy Coordinators, Investigators, Hearing Panelists, and Appellate Officers, will benefit from this training. Title IX teams are strongly encouraged to attend together to discuss how bias shows up in their process and how they can hold peers accountable when bias appears.  

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December 9, 2020

1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Eastern


Section 1: Recognizing Bias 

Our expert faculty will begin by providing a brief overview of what bias iswhat it is not, and how it can appear in your Title IX process. Next, you will hear and evaluate a scenario that includes both overt and subtle biases together with your team membersYou will use this scenario throughout the training to illustrate how bias can show up in different parts of the same case and by different Title IX team members.   



Section 2: Responding to and Mitigating Bias 

You’ll discuss how to respond to and mitigate bias before, during, and after the critical steps of your Title IX process. Specifically, you’ll walk away with tips and best practices for how to minimize bias during your line of questioning, as well as how to reduce the culture around bias by aligning your training and policies to support a bias-free environment.  


Portrait of Jeanine Bias-Nelson

Jeanine Bias

Director, Office of Equity and Inclusion / Title IX Coordinator, Sam Houston State University

Jeanine Bias has spent her entire professional career in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs. Currently, she serves as a resource for advisement and consultation on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Her responsibilities include providing leadership to investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment, and other civil rights violations as well as develop and facilitate university wide training programs and activities related to Title IX, Title VII, and other Equal Employment Opportunities/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) laws and regulations.

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