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Better communicate your impact and relevance to senior leaders.  


As an Associate Dean, you likely don’t have a traditional job description. Instead, you manage a portfolio of different projects, initiatives and responsibilities. In addition to your administrative responsibilities, you may also teach and conduct research. Your portfolio can therefore look very different in size, scope and impact compared to the portfolio of other Associate Deans—even within the same college. Additionally, it can grow and shrink over time based on the ever-changing needs and priorities of your college/institution. Because of this, the value of your role—and the impact you can have—can be unclear, unknown, or confusing to many—especially senior leaders.

Join us online to learn how to bring greater awareness, understanding, and visibility to your role and relevance as a divisional leader. Alongside your peers, you’ll practice ways to identify, differentiate, and communicate the full scope and impact of your work. Most importantly, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to communicate how your work supports and adds value to the college/institution.

Who Should Attend

This training is for Associate Deans who split their time between administration, teaching and scholarship. However, any Associate Deans will find benefit in attending. This training can help you to better communicate your value as a leader—whether you’re looking to accelerate your own career transition, or navigating the career transitions of other leaders in your organization.

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December 5, 2022

1:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET


Define Your Portfolio: Understanding the Impact of Your Work

We will discuss ways you can document and visualize what you do, so that you understand the complete size, scope, and impact of your work. You’ll be introduced to an exercise that allows you to map your portfolio to the calendar year in a way that shows what you do, when you do it, and why it’s important to the college/institution.



Contextualize Your Portfolio: Communicating Your Value

Once you understand the scope of what you do, it’s time to think about how to communicate your value. Here, we’ll discuss ways you can contextualize your value so that it aligns with your leaders’ greatest needs and goals. We’ll also discuss ways you can differentiate your role from that of the Dean and/or other Associate Deans while also highlighting your contributions within the leadership team.


Portrait of Durga Suresh-Menon

Durga Suresh-Menon

Dean, School of Computing & Data Science, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Durga has had an accomplished career at Wentworth Institute of Technology, where she has worn many hats over 19 years, from faculty in Computer Science and Networking, to her appointment a year ago as Special Assistant to the Provost for Graduate Programs, Dean of Graduate Education, and Dean of the School of Computing & Data Science. While faculty, she received the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the President’s Award for Excellence in Service, and was also named Woman of the Year.

Read Durga's Full Bio.


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