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Save on Membership

Renew or Upgrade Early for At Least Two More Years to Get Significant Discounts.

Offer expires on February 28, 2021.


Renew your membership for at least two more years through February 28, 2021 to unlock discounts.


Increase the number of users in your membership when renewing for at least two more years to get an even bigger discount through February 28, 2021.

Get More Value Out of Membership in 2021

The world changed and went virtual in 2020; so did we. Last year we converted nearly 70 in-person events into online experiences.

Members continue to get access to all our virtual conferences and trainings in 2021.* Use this year to make professional development a regular occurrence rather than a once-a-year annual meeting.

Get in Touch to Renew Your Membership Early and Unlock Discounts

Offer expires on 2/28/2021.

*Limited member spots available for each online training. Once a training reaches the member cap,
additional members can register with a $250 discount.

This offer is available to those institutions who have an at least 25-user current membership and whose membership expires between January and June 2021.
The offer is valid through 2/28/2021.