COMING SOON: Relationships of Reciprocity: A Faculty Guide for Developing a Democratic Approach to the Classroom


Relationships of Reciprocity: Developing a Democratic Approach to the Classroom

Monica B. Glina, Ed.D.

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Do we actually treat our students as co-learners?

As faculty, where do we position ourselves on the vast continuum between didactic and democratic approaches to teaching, between talking at and listening to? Do we listen to our students? Do they listen to us? Do we talk at them, or do we talk to them? Do they even feel empowered to talk to us?

In Monica B. Glina's unique guide for faculty, explore the power in the relationships of reciprocity that can exist in a classroom, and discover how cultivating these is tantamount to our learning experiences both individually and in aggregate.

Among the many topics discussed, explore:

  • Adopting "caring pedagogy"
  • Revitalizing and rethinking the lecture
  • Developing a course tapestry and fostering an active learning environment
  • Negotiating authority
  • Operating as a co-learner yourself in the classroom
  • Achieving synchronicity with your asynchronous course

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It's axiomatic that the assumption that one is qualified to be a teacher by virtue of having been a student is as false as the assumption that one can be a doctor just by virtue of having been to one. Designed as both an intensive course and a mechanism for faculty journaling and introspection, Relationships of Reciprocity provides the opportunity that most faculty have never had, to develop their teaching philosophy, approach, and classroom techniques beyond the basics and in a way that centers their co-learners' experience. This book is a unique resource that faculty can put to use individually or as members of a faculty cohort or learning community.