Thriving as a Woman in Leadership in Higher Education: Stories and Strategies from Your Peers

Get strategies and courses of action from more than forty women who have striven to succeed in higher ed leadership.

So many women leading in higher education have stories to tell and advice to give––but don’t yet have a platform. This book is our first foray into providing that platform.

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What you will find in the book

Throughout this collection of 34 essays, you will hear voices from every level of leadership and across every sector of higher education. You will read stories of strength, advocacy, and support as well as be privy to the pain, frustration, and resilience that is part of being a woman in higher education. Most importantly, you will hear their advice for moving forward––whether it’s during those pivotal moments in meetings to making career-impacting decisions to launching campus-wide initiatives. The contributors, ranging from faculty and mid-level directors in offices across the institution to past and current university presidents, offer strategies for:

  • Confronting imposter syndrome
  • Conflict management
  • Leading without influence
  • Leading and thriving as women of color
  • Risk taking and authentic leadership
  • Relationship building and opening the door for others
  • Making the case for yourself and your initiatives
  • Advocating for equity in hiring and allocation of work
  • Negotiation
  • Defining your success

We hope our contributors’ stories and advice will be useful to you and your colleagues!


“At a time when the need for diverse leadership is at an all-time high, this book could not have better timing. No matter where you are in your leadership journey, there is something here for you. I especially appreciate the intentionality behind each chapter making sure all voices are heard, and the varying experiences of women are being shared. Additionally, the authors did not shy away from tough conversations or from highlighting the challenges women of color face in their unique leadership journeys. Almost every fear, hesitation, aspiration, situation, and/or lesson women encounter is not only addressed in this book, but also accompanied by action items to overcome and get ahead. I highly recommend this book to any and everyone no matter the industry. It will without question add value to your team and contribute to positive change and empowerment.“

– Kyra Lobbins, Deputy Chief of Staff, Clemson University

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