Fix Your Climate: A Practical Guide to Reducing Microaggressions, Microbullying, and Bullying in the Academic Workplace

Microaggressions, microbullying, and bullying are the silent destroyers of a university’s climate.

In this handbook, two leading experts on hierarchical microaggressions – Dr. Myron Anderson and Dr. Kathryn Young – present in-depth scenarios, strategies, and worksheets for addressing these issues on your campus.

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by Myron R. Anderson, Ph.D and Kathryn S. Young, Ph.D

463 pages
ISBN 978-1948658164

Microaggressions, microbullying, and bullying are the silent destroyers of a university’s climate.

Similar to high blood pressure, these behaviors appear difficult to detect, but if undetected and untreated, they can destroy relationships and morale, and reduce collaboration, productivity, and a sense of belonging at your institution. So how do you prevent (or clean up) a toxic environment in your unit, department, or campus?

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What’s included

In this handbook, two leading experts on hierarchical microaggressions – Myron Anderson and Kathryn Young – present in-depth scenarios, strategies, and worksheets for addressing these issues on your campus. In these pages, you will get:

  • A primer on the relationship between microaggressions, microbullying, bullying, and campus climate.
  • Scenarios, and strategies for preventing and addressing microaggressions in both administrative and academic units.
  • Scenarios and strategies for preventing and addressing microbullying and bullying behaviors.
  • A case study of how one institution developed a comprehensive bullying policy.
  • A 4-way implementation model to guide your strategy for addressing these issues.

You can order either paperback or digital (PDF) copies. A discount is available for orders of 10+ copies — this is a great way to get your leadership team, deans, department chairs, directors, or your unit up to speed on how to fix your workplace climate.

Reviews from the field

“Every senior level administrator should be concerned about the climate of their university, college, or school, and the academic and administrative departments they lead. Anderson and Young have conceived a practical and comprehensive approach to achieve positive and measurable change in your campus climate and it begins with a very simple premise: campus climate is everyone’s responsibility.

“First laying out a 4-Way Implementation Model as a guide, Anderson and Young then take you through discussions of microaggressions, microbullying, and bulling—sharing tools for assessing each one, showing their relationship to each other, sharing examples, and giving you questions to ask yourself and further readings to enhance your understanding of the issues. Whether your campus already has engaged comprehensively in changing campus climate or is just beginning, Fix Your Climate gives each unit of your institution the tools to enhance your process or start a conversation about improving campus climate.

“I highly recommend that presidents, vice presidents, and deans use Fix Your Climate as a guide to engage their faculty, staff, and students in a self-assessment and action agenda to improve their workplace climate. A timely book that will make a difference.” – Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D., President Emeritus, MSU Denver

“Microaggression theory has significantly evolved over the last decade but practical applications of this work are less developed. Anderson and Young’s Fix Your Climate is a valuable and timely resource for those in higher education, providing concrete tools for reflection and assessment as well as ways to address and repair inequities at the individual and systemic level. A must read for academic and administrative leaders ready to critically examine and revise their existing programs and procedures.” – Christina M. Capodilupo, co-author of Microaggression Theory: Influence and Implications (Wiley, 2018)

Fix Your Climate, the new book by Myron R. Anderson and Kathryn S. Young, is as useful as it is relevant for examining the connective tissue between hierarchical microaggressions and microbullying in educational settings today. The authors bring over thirty years of combined experience as teaching scholars and administrators to this comprehensive text. The book illuminates the issues at hand (and their often unintended impact) conceptually, while it provides avenues for confronting them practically. At this historic moment—when the collective demand for institutional accountability for diversity, equity, and inclusion that is substantive instead of superficial is being made at a range of educational institutions like never before—the case studies and analyses contained in Fix Your Climate provide us with a concrete path forward.” – Winston Grady-Willis, Professor and Director of Black Studies, Skidmore College

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