Setting Boundaries with Empathy

Balancing the responsibilities of being a faculty member with responding to increasing student needs and life outside the university has only gotten more challenging post-pandemic. Faculty, for instance, are experiencing burnout at higher levels than ever before. But faculty who learn how to set boundaries with their work and maintain a healthy integration are far […]

Cultivating an Inclusive Academic Environment – Leading Among Colleagues

As a leader in professional development for higher education leaders across the world, Academic Impressions prides itself on delivering quality content that is data informed and rooted in practical application. Over the past year we have had a number of conversations with member institutions who have been seeking out inclusive leadership training for their team […]

Leading as Faculty: An Audio Series

Episode #1: Navigating the Mid-Career with Niyati Parekh  In our inaugural episode, Jenna interviews Niyati Parekh, Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Initiatives at New York University, about navigating the mid-career stage. Niyati shares how she fell into leadership, and how she now tries to support faculty in their own career journeys.   Episode #2: Inflection Points […]

Self-Awareness as Your Superpower: A Certificate Program for Department Chairs

Self-awareness lies at the heart of effective leadership. A self-aware department chair understands why they lead the way they do because they study their own attitudes, behaviors, and motives. However, the most effective department chairs also practice “other-awareness,” which means that they study the impact of their attitudes, behaviors, and motives on others. And this can be your […]

Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program: Build Your Skills and Self-Awareness

Effective leadership is inclusive leadership. When our colleagues feel they can show up authentically in all aspects of their identities and contribute without fear of repercussion, we’re building stronger teams and stronger organizations. But this doesn’t happen automatically—it takes time, intention, and continuous learning and growth.  Our Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program: Build Your Skills and […]