Create Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities for your Major Donors

Leadership volunteers can help to advance your institutional goals not only through their major gifts, but through their ambassadorship as advocates of the mission you convey, and by opening access to opportunities as well as leveraging expertise and input that only they can provide. However, if you don’t have a defined objective on what these […]

Achieving your Career Goals with an Executive Coach

Are you seeking strategies for challenging conversations and getting buy-in from stakeholders? Are you trying to plan for career advancement but struggling with learning new skills and how to position yourself? Are you looking to develop yourself as a professional but are challenged by a new role and little guidance? Come learn how working with […]

Donor-Centric Stewardship: A Partnership with Annual Giving and Donor Relations

It is no surprise that advancement shops are experiencing increasingly greater external philanthropic competition, which can lead to declining donor interest and investment in your institution over time. Therefore, it is imperative that annual giving staff consider revising or updating their donor acquisition and retention strategies to better serve the changing needs and desires of […]

Feedback as a Faculty (Re)Engagement Strategy 

Both affirmative and constructive one-on-one feedback are critical to faculty talent development.  Feedback that is appropriate for the career level (assistant, associate, professor) provides clarity, direction, goal alignment and motivation, all of which are required to successfully navigate today’s higher education landscape filled with complexity and uncertainty. Feedback, when delivered effectively, can promote creativity, productivity, learning […]

Recognizing and Celebrating Faculty and Staff:  A Panel Conversation

Faculty and staff morale is at an all-time low across most institutions in higher education, and this puts your department or unit at risk of increasing levels of burnout, decreased productivity and, ultimately, higher turnover. One way you can start to make a difference is by fostering a work environment where praise, appreciation, and gratitude […]

Navigating the New Reality of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Closures in Higher Education

Mergers, acquisitions, and closures are a reality for a large number of colleges and universities as the landscape of higher education continues to change. Colleges are seeking to be more competitive than ever. However, successful mergers/acquisitions cannot be only about survival or fixing bad economics; the resulting institution must be stronger as a result. Otherwise, […]

Last Leader Standing: How to Thrive as the Team’s Only Experienced Leader

The rapid pace of leadership transitions in higher education has many leaders finding themselves in a unique situation as the last leader standing. How can you use your institutional knowledge and experience to develop your personal strategy during the transition, while also working to support the team as they welcome their new members and leaders? […]

ChatGPT and Beyond: Artificial Intelligence

Are you curious about the potential of artificial intelligence and how it may shape the future of work and higher education as a whole? Join us for a free webcast discussion to learn about ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools that have the potential to revolutionize higher education. You’ll gain insights from experts in the […]

Defining the Impact of the Metaverse in Higher Education

Are you curious about the potential of virtual reality and how it may shape the future of education and work? Join us for a free webinar discussion to learn about the metaverse and its potential to revolutionize higher education. You’ll gain insights from experts in the field who are navigating the metaverse firsthand and also […]

Strategies to Create a Positive Approach to Work: From Hiring to Retention

Staff retention and turnover has been top-of-mind for many institutions as the higher education workforce follows the broader trend known as the Great Resignation. According to CUPA-HR’s 2022 survey, more than half of college employees report that they will likely leave their jobs in the next year. And although 75% believe their work has purpose, […]

Strategies to Enhance Staff Well-being

The need for work/life balance and the mitigation of burnout among staff is at an all-time high. A recent LinkedIn poll by HireEd Careers indicated that 81% of higher ed employees feel overworked because there are not enough people in their unit to complete all of the necessary tasks. At a point where employees cannot work any […]

Co-Creation of Innovation in Higher Education: Transforming Community Colleges

Webcast Recording with Mike Flores, Chancellor of the Alamo Colleges District. The capacity to innovate for many colleges and universities is no longer just a differentiator; it is a survival factor. Join us for a recorded discussion series to hear David Kiel, author of Creating a Pipeline for Innovation Within Your College or University, interview four […]

Be the Employer Everyone Wants: An Employer Model for Colleges & Universities

Under the weight of the pandemic, there is increased tension between job seekers and employers at higher ed institutions. Evolving the workplace has been historically difficult, so to address the hiring challenges of today, Dr. Karen Whitney recommends that we examine our past failures. Throughout her 40-year career in higher education, she has held a […]

Rethinking Hiring Processes for Efficiency & Equity

The typical amount of time it takes to fill a position is notoriously long in higher education. Especially in the current hiring environment, slow-moving departments are losing potential candidates mid-process to other institutions or to private industry. As a result, many institutions are now rethinking their hiring processes in an attempt to streamline and minimize […]

Inclusive Job Descriptions: Why do They Matter, and How do you Write One?

For too long, job descriptions have included the obligatory 2-3 sentences that state the institution’s commitment to diversity and an equitable working environment as a demonstration of commitment to DEI. However, today’s job seekers are looking for more than just a few sentences: they are looking for a demonstration of behaviors. Job seekers need to […]

The 3 Critical Elements to Include in Department Chair Training

Chairs occupy an essential position on our campuses, sitting at the intersection point that connects our faculty to institutional strategy, context, and culture. They also make some of the most impactful decisions that shape the university, overseeing decisions related to hiring, promotion, and curriculum. Yet for most institutions, the support and training available to chairs […]