Handling Institutional or Program Teach-Outs with Dignity

Last updated November 19, 2019

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November 19, 2019

Handling Institutional or Program Teach-Outs with Dignity

Last updated November 19, 2019

Chaos and disruption don’t have to be the norm when a university or program closes.


For students and staff, institution and academic program closures often come with little warning. They can trigger shock and grief. If you’re an institutional leader, these same closures can leave you feeling disoriented and unprepared. How do you shift your focus from retaining students to getting rid of students? For something so complex, how do you ensure optimal outcomes?

Join us online and learn how to prepare yourself for the shift in thinking that comes with managing a teach-out. You’ll hear from Dr. Chris Davis, who led a successful teach-out at Western International University (WIU). Upon completion of the teach-out, WIU had retained 97% of its employees and exceeded goals for both revenue and expenses. You’ll leave with tips for:

  • How to communicate with your students and staff to reduce chaos and confusion
  • How to question and manage expenses to meet your financial goals
  • How to keep students and staff engaged with minimal frustration

Who should attend?

This webcast is ideal for Presidents, Provosts, CFOs, governing boards, and other members of the senior academic leadership team who are either planning for or overseeing a teach-out.

This webcast will benefit you whether you are planning a teach-out for an entire institution or a single academic program.


1) Goals for a Teach-Out: Learn about the common expectations and problems that surface during a typical teach-out.

2) What to Expect in a Teach-Out: You’ll learn tips for how to be transparent, proactive, and respectful during the following steps:

  1. The Decision: How do you know it is time to pull the plug?
  2. The Announcement: How do you plan the announcements to key stakeholders?
  3. The Negotiations: How do you negotiate with internal and external stakeholders on the teach-out plan? How do you share the non-negotiables?
  4. The Grief Process: How do you manage the grief process for leaders and stakeholders alike?