Use Indigenous Storytelling Techniques to Help Facilitate Conversations on Racial Equity

Last updated January 7, 2022

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1h 34m

Last Updated

January 7, 2022

Use Indigenous Storytelling Techniques to Help Facilitate Conversations on Racial Equity

Last updated January 7, 2022

Encourage racial equity and inclusion conversations using indigenous storytelling techniques.


In traditional indigenous storytelling, it is common for a group of people to come together, sit in a circle, and share personal stories around a specific theme or topic. These story circles serve to build community and celebrate culture through information transmission. They also allow for equanimity and provide a way to see the similar in the diverse. In this way, story circles can be used as an equalizer and a way to find common ground around critical and sensitive topics like race.

Join us at this live online event to learn more about how you can use indigenous storytelling methods on your campus to facilitate courageous conversations. You’ll learn how storytelling can:

  • Encourage creative questions
  • Act as a catalyst for reflection
  • Ensure all voices are heard
  • Provide valuable practice in reacting and responding to difficult conversations

You will come away better equipped to help others share their own stories while also learning from the stories of others.

Who should attend?

Any higher education professional charged with facilitating conversations about racial equity on their campuses will benefit from this event. Individuals who wish to learn more about indigenous storytelling as a method to facilitate conversations on race in the classroom or other settings will also find value in this event.


February 22, 2022

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Origin and Purpose of Indigenous Storytelling

You will learn about the history and value of storytelling created by our indigenous ancestors and review other indigenous methodologies that bring together diverse individuals to share and learn about each other’s stories. You will understand how storytelling can be used as a method to discuss and facilitate important conversations related to racial equity and inclusion.


Indigenous Storytelling Practice and Debrief

You will get to observe or participate in a live storytelling facilitation led by our expert speaker. This will allow you to practice applying the techniques shared in the presentation and make observations or ask questions following a storytelling circle facilitation. You will also get to explore examples from postsecondary work with Indigenous student/faculty/staff populations.