Research & Scholarship at Mid-Career: Reboot, Reset, Reimagine

Course Length

1h 8m

Research & Scholarship at Mid-Career: Reboot, Reset, Reimagine

As mid-career faculty, determine where to take your research next.


Faculty commonly struggle with research at mid-career. Some may struggle with a stagnant research agenda and reduced scholarly productivity, while others may question their commitment to the research agenda that led them to tenure. In this course, you will learn a process for resetting, rebooting, and reimagining your research and scholarship so you can get back on track and design a research plan that aligns with where and who you are at your mid-career stage.

This course is designed for mid-career faculty who are seeking guidance to plan the next steps for their research, including tenured and career faculty who:

  • Feel their research is stagnant.
  • Want to level up their research and scholarship.
  • Seek to shift or expand their research focus.
  • Want to explore the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL).

To support you through this process, we will explore three paths to mid-career scholarship and research: building and leveling up your current research agenda, exploring new research strands, and developing a SOTL agenda. We will discuss the merits of each path within specific institutional contexts, as well as long-term career goals, and identify key strategies so you can move forward with a research agenda that aligns and reflects you in this current moment.


Lesson 1: The Mid-Career Researcher

  • VID 1: Why a Course on Mid-Career Research and Scholarship?
  • VID 2: The Mid-Career Malaise
  • VID 3: The Institutional Lens
  • VID 4: The Individual Lens
  • VID 5: Taking Stock and Setting the Stage

Lesson 2: Reboot, Reset, Reimagine: Three Mid-Career Research Paths

  • VID 6: Reboot: Leveling Up as a Researcher
  • VID 7: Reset: Changing Course as a Researcher
  • VID 8: Reimagine: Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Lesson 3: Mapping Your Plan

  • VID 9: The Planning Process
  • VID 10: Creating Your Plan
  • VID 11: Implementing Your Plan

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  • 1h, 8m of video instruction
  • 11 short videos
  • 1 workbook
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