Building Racial & Cultural Literacy

Course Length

1h 29m

Building Racial & Cultural Literacy

Deepen your understanding of racial identity within systems of privilege and power in higher education.


Changing demographics in U.S. higher education are leading many of us to increase our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion to engage with students and colleagues more meaningfully. Racial identity and its intersection with other social identities play a prominent role in how individuals experience higher education as a place of work or learning.

This video course is designed to increase your understanding of racial identity, power dynamics, and privilege within the higher ed context. Our expert instructor, Dr. Domonic Rollins, will help you learn the definitions of key terms, reflect on your own identity and its connection to privilege, and power, and apply your racial and cultural literacy to real-world scenarios. Accompanying this course is a workbook designed to help you put your knowledge into action.

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to any faculty, staff, or students who are seeking to build self-awareness and deepen their understanding of racial identity.