Foundations of Project Management

Course Length

1h 31m

Foundations of Project Management

Unlock your potential to effectively plan, manage, and lead cross-campus strategic initiatives.


Project management helps to ensure that mission-driven initiatives in higher education are well-planned and effectively managed to achieve their desired impact and outcomes.  The difference between a well-executed and poorly-executed initiative can make all the difference in retaining faculty and staff, attracting students, generating new revenue or growing your unit’s impact within the community.  This highly practical course will introduce you to a standardized project management methodology and teach you how to use several proven tools and templates, which you can begin using immediately to advance your highest priority initiatives.  If you’re interested in learning how to define and manage the scope of work, engage meaningfully with your stakeholders and ensure the right work gets done, this course is for you. 

Who Will Benefit 

This course is highly recommended for anyone leading a cross-unit or cross-functional project or strategic initiative on campus.  It’s especially helpful for those new to leading initiatives, as this course will introduce you to proven project management strategies, frameworks and tools.  You don’t have to be a project manager by title to benefit from this course.   

How It Works 

For 5 days, you will get daily emails Monday through Friday with bite-sized videos that you can complete in 30 minutes or less each day. If you complete all modules within two weeks, you will have the chance to request a certificate. New cohorts start every Monday. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to integrate professional development into your daily routine and establish a solid understanding of project management in your work. 


Day 1 | Understanding the Value of Project Management
23 minutes


  • Introduction
  • Project Management Frameworks and Models
  • The 5 Phases of Project Management
  • When to Use Project Management
  • Assessing Your Organization’s Project Management Culture



Day 2 | Initiating a Project 
18 minutes


  • Purpose of the Initiation Phase
  • Introduction of a Case Study
  • The Business Case And The Project Charter
  • Case Study Revisited: Initiation
  • Stakeholder Register



Day 3 | Planning a Project 
18 minutes


  • Purpose of the Planning Phase
  • The Project Management Plan
  • Scope Management Plan
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Management Plan
  • Resource Management Plan
  • Case Study Revisited: Planning



Day 4 | Executing a Project
17 minutes


  • Purpose of the Execution Phase
  • Revisiting the Scope Management Plan
  • Revisiting the Communication Plan
  • Revisiting the Resource Management Plan
  • Case Study Revisited: Execution



Day 5 | Ensuring Success of A Project

17 minutes


  • Purpose of the Monitor and Control Phase
  • Tracking and Reporting Out Progress
  • Performance Management
  • Closing a Project
  • Lessons Learned

Course Highlights

  • 90 minutes of video instruction  
  • 26 short videos 
  • 1 workbook complete with 13 worksheets and templates you can immediately use to manage your current or next strategic initiative or project 
  • Valued at $595. Free for Members.