Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting International Graduate Students

Last updated July 22, 2020

Course Length

1h 8m

Last Updated

July 22, 2020

Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting International Graduate Students

Last updated July 22, 2020

Gain ideas on how to improve your international graduate student support strategy.


While every graduate student is faced with challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, international students must navigate especially difficult circumstances as they cope with shifting visa regulations, travel restrictions, and an increased perception that they are not welcome in the United States. As international students represent a major portion of the graduate population, it is critical to identify methods to support and retain them in order to maintain the academic, financial, and cultural integrity of your institution.

Join us and your peers online for a 1.5-hour brainstorming and discussion session to share strategies and ideas and to have the chance to benchmark and ask questions. You will actively participate in group discussions framed around the following aspects of supporting and retaining international graduate students this fall:

  • Recruitment and yield enhancement strategies
  • Academic support measures
  • Research support strategies
  • Other support considerations

Please note that the focus of the discussion will be around academic, research, and other support strategies graduate enrollment managers are leveraging for their international graduate students. There will NOT be an in-depth focus on visa or regulatory issues.


Who should attend?

Individuals and teams responsible for the enrollment and retention of graduate students will find value in this dialogue. Representatives from Enrollment Management/Admissions, as well as those in Academic Affairs who have enrollment responsibilities (such as Deans, Program Directors, and Faculty members), are encouraged to attend and participate.


This 1.5-hour webcast will feature discussions around the following topics (the questions listed are meant to be illustrative and are not exhaustive):

  • Recruitment and Yield Enhancement
    • How are you accommodating international students who are unable to physically reach your campus?
    • How are you maintaining engagement with your prospective International students?
  • Academic Support Strategies
    • What kinds of academic support are you providing to current international students who will be physically on campus this fall?
    • What measures are you putting in place to provide academic support to students who are unable to physically return to campus?
  • Research Support Strategies
    • How are you navigating research responsibilities for graduate students who are not on campus?
  • Other Support Strategies
    • How are you building community for international graduate students?
    • What other types of support are you providing for students during this time? (i.e., mental health, career development, food pantry, etc.)