Essential Skills for Supervisors

Last updated September 12, 2022

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1h 18m

Last Updated

September 12, 2022

Essential Skills for Supervisors

Last updated September 12, 2022

Learn effective strategies for supervision and gain practical tools to support individual, team and organizational goals.


All too often in higher education, individuals move into a supervisory role without the necessary tools and skills to be successful. Particularly in today’s challenging environment, effective and proactive supervision is key to building a high-performing culture where each individual contributes to team success.

This video course—specifically designed for higher ed supervisors who are new to their roles or looking to deepen their skills—is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the most critical aspects of supervision, including:

  • Creating a vision framework for your team
  • Performance management strategies
  • How to navigate conflict in a productive way
  • Effective coaching techniques to help you develop your direct reports

After watching the course, you will leave with greater confidence about what effective supervision entails, along with a host of practical tools you can apply right away to better support individual, team, and organizational goals.

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Course Highlights

  • 1h 16m of video instruction
  • 21 short videos
  • Printable workbook
  • Valued at $595. Free for members.