Conflict Management for Institutional Leaders Webcast Recording

Last updated May 15, 2015

Course Length

1h 35m

Last Updated

May 15, 2015

Conflict Management for Institutional Leaders Webcast Recording

Last updated May 15, 2015


This online training will help you manage and resolve a variety of conflicts within your department and institution. You will be introduced to a number of practical tools that can be used to address conflict in its earliest stages and better manage conflict before it becomes a formal dispute. There is no one-size-fits all approach to resolving conflicts. That’s why our expert instructor will present numerous scenarios and discuss the use of framing, facilitation, and other dispute resolution tools to help you:

  • Improve and sustain a healthy working environment
  • Build rapport among colleagues
  • Increase faculty morale

Our expert instructor serves as a consultant, facilitator, and conflict coach for colleges and universities across the country, assisting them with the implementation of supervisory best practices and communication tools to effectively manage departmental and other campus conflict.

Who should attend?

This online training is appropriate for all supervisors in higher education. We will discuss conflict and situations that arise not only within departments but across campus.


  • Overview of the nature and drivers of conflict
  • Differentiate the characteristics of a conflict from that of a formal dispute
  • Concept of framing as an essential component of leadership communications
    • Effective framing
    • Choosing rights words – understanding how we select the words and phrases that can lead to effective communication or trigger conflict
  • Identification of other dispute resolution tools available, including conflict coaching and facilitation
  • Apply these tools in relevant scenarios
  • Provide interactive assessments of the effectiveness of these dispute resolution tools to build campus rapport, improve faculty, and increase administration morale