New Strategies for Managing Your Academic Program Economics

New Strategies for Managing Your Academic Program Economics

Make more strategic decisions about your academic program mix using data on instructional economics.


In today’s competitive and resource-constrained environment, it is critical for higher ed leaders to understand the impact of their offerings—at both the program and the course levels—from an economic standpoint. In the absence of regular data collection and analysis on revenue, costs, and margins, leaders cannot manage their academic program mix effectively and make strategic decisions around it.

Join us for a webcast that will teach you how to use data on instructional economics to evaluate and rebalance your academic program portfolios. During this webcast, you will:

  • Learn how to gather, integrate, display, and use program and course-level data on revenue, costs, and margins.
  • Discover ways to incorporate benchmarking and predictive analytics to manage and grow your academic program portfolio.
  • Be introduced to nextgen analytics that enable institutions to forecast budgeting outcomes and the consequences of major external events.

Who should attend?

Presidents, Provosts, Deans, CFOs, trustees, state higher education administrators, and other institutional leaders who want to make more data-informed decisions around their academic programs will benefit from this webcast.