Academic Program Management: Making Data-Informed Decisions


Course Length

1h 3m

Academic Program Management: Making Data-Informed Decisions


Rely on market data to inform stronger academic program decisions.


Decision-making around academic programs is too often driven by gut feelings or internal interests. While institutional judgment is important, program decisions ultimately need to be anchored in data to ensure the program is viable and competitive in today’s market.

Join us for a webcast that will help you make more data-informed decisions around your academic programs. Whether you are looking to launch new programs or grow or cut existing ones, our expert presenters from Gray Associates will help you:

  • Identify the myriad market data sources you need to use to make sound decisions
  • Learn how to compare programs head-to-head using market data
  • Understand the drivers of program economics, and how key levers can improve program margins
  • Leverage data to build consensus across stakeholders and allow for the strongest program decisions possible

Who should attend?

Presidents, Provosts, Deans, CFOs, trustees, state higher education administrators, and other institutional leaders who want to make more data-informed decisions around their academic programs will benefit from this webcast.

Why is this event retired?

At AI we want to always ensure that the best and most current trainings are available to members, and we regularly review our trainings to ensure that is the case.