Explore the Power of Faculty Mentoring:  A Discussion for Department Chairs

Last updated November 20, 2023

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November 20, 2023

Explore the Power of Faculty Mentoring:  A Discussion for Department Chairs

Last updated November 20, 2023

Retain and build long-term capital with your faculty through mentoring.


Faculty mentoring programs provide benefits to all involved. They can help new faculty to acclimate to and engage in a new campus culture. They assist junior faculty in developing the necessary competencies to succeed at teaching, research, and service—all of which can expedite the promotion and tenure process. For senior faculty, the ability to give back and demonstrate their leadership can be a way to re-engage and recognize their long-standing commitment to the institution. Mentoring has the power to retain and build long-term capital with your faculty, which is vital given the increasing difficulty today in recruiting new talent. With so much on the line, it’s important that you understand your role as department chair in designing meaningful faculty mentoring experiences. 

Join us online for a one-hour discussion where we will explore best practices for how to create meaningful faculty mentoring experiences that have the potential to engage or re-engage your faculty.  The conversation will be responsive to the questions asked by the attendees, so come prepared to engage in dialogue and share insights with other department chairs from across the country.

Who should attend?

This discussion is specifically designed for any/all department chairs or program directors who are looking to better understand what it means to think like a talent manager. If you’re looking for new ways to engage, motivate, and develop your faculty, this discussion series is for you!

Academic deans, including associate/assistant deans, who are interested in supporting their department chairs in this work, will also benefit from this discussion series.

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