Influencing Without Authority

Last updated August 19, 2019

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August 19, 2019

Influencing Without Authority

Last updated August 19, 2019

You don’t need an authority position to have power; you need influence.


Having a position of authority is only one small piece of being a leader. A more important aspect of being a leader is exercising your influence. The savviest leaders know that behaving in ways that influence the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others is the piece that will ultimately give them traction.

Join us online to learn the signs and symptoms of influence. We will focus on the difference between influence and authority, and you will leave with advice on how to use your relational capital to influence up, across, and down.

Who should attend?

Influencing is a powerful tactic no matter where you sit within your institution’s organizational hierarchy. This training will be useful if you are trying to influence both the people you supervise and report to, as well as peers with whom you regularly collaborate.


By profiling common scenarios of leaders in higher education, Jeanne Hey will highlight the key points of how to influence without authority.

  • Your “Professional Relationship Account”
  • Authority vs. Influence
  • Influencing Up
    • Using the power of persuasion
    • Highlighting your competence in handling complex issues
  • Influencing Across
    • Leading and mentoring peers
    • Finding common ground
  • Influencing Down
    • Listening to key messages
    • Showing interest and respect
    • Building relationships that grow your influence