Higher Education in America: A 4-Day Foundational Course

Higher Education in America

A 4-Day Foundational Course

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American higher education includes over 4000 institutions of varying size, structure, and focus, with each serving an increasingly diverse and dwindling number of traditionally college-aged students. But there are still some commonalities in how institutions are governed, financed, organized, and assessed—not to mention the fact that institutions face similar enrollment and retention challenges across the board.

This course is designed to give you a broad overview of the American higher education landscape. Our expert instructor, Dr. Kelly Wesener Michael, will walk you through the different types of institutions that exist, how these institutions are typically funded, who is involved in governing both public and private universities, and how institutions set and assess the effectiveness of their mission and goals. Accompanying the course is a workbook designed to help you gain familiarity with the processes and mission of your own institution—how governance works for you, what the demographics of your student body are, where your funding comes from, and how your institution does strategic planning.


Who Will Benefit

This course will be highly beneficial to anyone who is new to higher education, either in a first professional role or who is transitioning to higher education from another industry. Additionally, faculty or staff whose experience in higher ed has been narrowly focused will gain knowledge of the overall landscape of American higher ed and how their institution fits into that.


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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure and landscape of American higher education.

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Week 1

Day 1

17 minutes

Introduction and Overview, and the Higher Education Landscape

Introduction and Overview

Types of Institutions

Carnegie Classifications

Demographic Shifts


Optional Activities in the Workbook:

Activity 1: Types of Institutions

Activity 2: Carnegie Classifications

Activity 3: Demographic Shifts

Day 2

12 minutes

Financing Higher Education

Federal and State Funding

Tuition and Fees

Additional Funding Sources


Optional Activities in the Workbook:

Activity 4: Federal and State Funding

Activity 5: Tuition and Fees

Activity 6: Additional Funding Sources

Day 3

17 minutes

Organization, Structure, and Governance of Institutions

Organization and Structure


Governing Boards

State Systems


Optional Activities in the Workbook:

Activity 7: Organization and Structure

Activity 8: Governance

Activity 9: Governing Boards

Activity 10: State Systems

Day 4

12 minutes

Institutional Effectiveness, Accountability, Accreditation, and Strategic Planning

Institutional Effectiveness and Data

Accountability and Accreditation

Strategic Planning


Optional Activities in the Workbook:

Activity 11: Institutional Effectiveness and Data

Activity 12: Accountability and Accreditation

Activity 13: Strategic Planning

Action Planning Exercise

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