Officials with Authority and Responsible Employees: Helping Mandatory Reporters Comply with New Title IX Regulations


Officials with Authority and Responsible Employees: Helping Mandatory Reporters Comply with New Title IX Regulations

Train OWAs and other mandatory reporter employees on how to respond to reports of alleged sexual harassment.

Whether you have the designation of “Official with Authority” (OWA), “Responsible Employee,” or “Mandatory Reporter Employee” under your institution’s Title IX policies and procedures, you have a responsibility to report to your Title IX Coordinator any alleged incidents of sexual harassment. This includes witnessed harassment as well as incidents shared with you by students, faculty, or staff. Failure to report as an OWA can trigger legal liability.

This video course will prepare you to comply in your role as a mandatory reporter of sexual harassment. We will clarify your reporting duties under the new Title IX regulations, and we’ll roleplay a conversation in which a student discloses to her professor an alleged incident of harassment. You will leave with 6 strategies for ensuring safe and productive conversations when students and employees share details of sexual harassment with you.


The following lessons are included with this course.

Course Highlights

We understand that Title IX compliance is just one small slice of the roles your OWAs and Mandatory Reporter Employees play on campus. These individuals can’t retain exhaustive Title IX training, so we’ve created a 20-minute on-demand video course they can complete any time to cover the essentials:

  • Six short videos to cover core responsibilities of OWAs and other mandatory reporter employees
  • One printable job aid to highlight how to guide a conversation where a student or employee discloses an incident of sexual harassment
  • One role play to show a safe and productive disclosure conversation in action
  • One worksheet to reflect on the strategies used by the mandatory reporter employee in the role play
  • Access the course from wherever you are
  • Progress on your own time and at your own pace
  • Valued at  $395. Free for members.

The Impact of the May 2020 Title IX Regulations

For the purposes of this training, Academic Impressions acknowledges that there is no mention of “responsible employees” or “mandatory reporters” within the May 2020 Title IX Regulations. However, each institution may choose who to designate as an Official with Authority and those individuals still must mandatorily report sexual harassment. We know that many higher education institutions are casting a broader net for mandatorily reporting or responding to sexual harassment beyond Officials with Authority and requiring all or most employees to report sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator. Institutions are therefore using terms like “mandatory reporter” or “responsible employee”, which is why you will see these terms used interchangeably in this video course. If you're designated in any of these roles, please refer to your institution’s Title IX policy and procedures to determine your exact requirements.

97% of Participants Are Satisfied With Our Video Courses

“The course was easy to understand and particularly useful in explaining Title IX concepts and responsibilities."

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone involved in the Title IX process.”

- Brian Wall

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“The course was helpful when it comes to how to guide us through and how to stay calm and non judgmental of anyone story. Find a positive light over the negative.”

- Sinn Armstrong

Custodial Supervisor, UNLV

“The course is easy to follow and provides details to help you avoid making a mistake in the infant stages of reporting any violations of Title IX to the campus coordinator."

- Erick B. Harper, Sr.

Associate AD, UNLV

“Difficult things are always difficult, but having the training to do it right always makes something difficult much easier in the long run. I prefer to be on the side of making things better that way."

- Dr. Steve McKellips

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services, UNLV


Portrait of Rabia Khan Harvey

Rabia Khan Harvey
Senior Program Manager, Academic Impressions

Rabia Khan Harvey is a Senior Program Manager for our Title IX Compliance and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion domains. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Elmhurst College and is a double-alum of Loyola University Chicago with a Master’s in both Higher Education and Human Resources. She has over 19 years of professional experience in Student Affairs, primarily in student housing and Title IX. Prior to joining Academic Impressions full-time in May 2018, Rabia served as the Director of Equity Issues & Title IX Coordinator for the Office of Equity Issues at Columbia College Chicago and Assistant Dean of Students/Deputy Title IX Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago. Within these roles, Rabia provided direct oversight of student-on-student sexual misconduct investigations and ensured that sexual harassment matters were addressed efficiently and effectively. Rabia has also served as a subject matter expert and presenter on Title IX for Academic Impressions since 2013. Rabia was recognized by Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education as “The 2016 Higher Education Distinguished Alumna Award” for her leadership in effectively leading Title IX efforts for Loyola’s campus and for mentoring graduate students pursuing a career in Student Affairs/Higher Education.

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