Building Confidence as a New Leader: Overcoming Internal Barriers



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Build your confidence in your leadership ability by overcoming self-doubt.


One of the most challenging barriers new leaders must overcome is the lack of confidence they often face when starting a new role. Whether they are first-time leaders or assuming a new level of responsibility, new leaders must grapple with such internal pressures as misplaced emotions, preconceived notions, and negative self-talk. Learning how to identify and combat this pressure can help them to successfully navigate the transition into leadership.

Join us for a highly interactive, 90-minute virtual training designed to help new higher ed leaders across all levels and functional areas to manage feelings of vulnerability in their positions and also reprogram negative thoughts. Using case studies and participation from the audience, our expert instructor will address:

  • Identifying negative self-talk and a lack of leadership confidence: What types of intrapersonal language choices do you find yourself using when you feel unsure in your new role? What behaviors come out in those moments of uncertainty, and how do these behaviors impact your leadership ability?
  • Getting to the root of the issue: What situations cause you to feel particularly vulnerable, and how can you identify the root causes? Why are these situations particularly difficult for you, and how can you prepare for them in advance?
  • Changing negative habits and building confidence in your leadership ability: How can you take a step back and reframe your understanding of a situation? What strategies can you use to increase confidence in your leadership ability and change your inner dialogue?


Who Should Attend

Leaders who are new to their roles or who have recently transitioned to a new level of responsibility within their institution will benefit from this training.

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March 29, 2022

1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Eastern


Learn to Identify a Lack of Confidence

You will learn about negative self-talk as well as a number of other behaviors that can result from a lack of self-confidence as a new leader. You will also identify and discuss which behaviors or forms of negative self-talk you tend to engage in specifically.



Pinpoint Where Negative Self-Talk Comes From

You will examine different scenarios in which negative self-talk occurs as a means of identifying the root cause of the issue for you as an individual.



Build Confidence in Your Leadership Ability

You will reflect on strategies specifically created to build self-confidence and reprogram negative thinking. You will also learn how to identify and handle emotions stemming from internal barriers that may be getting in the way of your efficacy as a new leader.


Portrait of Ginnifer Cié Gee

Ginnifer Cié Gee

Associate Vice Provost for Career-Engaged Learning

Ginnifer Cié Gee is the Associate Vice Provost for Career-Engaged Learning and a clinical faculty member at the University of Texas San Antonio. In addition, she has facilitated a leadership development series for staff and faculty since 2011. Prior to these roles, Cié held positions related to enrollment management and strategic planning, as well as for adjunct faculty in communication.

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