Developing Rigor in Your Fundraising Team



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Help your team to use time effectively and focus on the essential elements of their work.

Most advancement leaders rise into their positions from successful fundraising careers with little or no experience managing teams. You're a leader because you were a great fundraiser. And you were a great fundraiser because you applied rigor and discipline in your schedule and intuited the information and practices needed for success. But how much have you worked to coach others on the rigor and intuition you developed within yourself?

Join us online to learn how to start building in your team the skills that made you such a successful individual contributor:

  • Choosing effectiveness over efficiency
  • Managing your time and calendar
  • Gathering and disseminating crucial information
  • Shadowing and roleplaying


Who Should Attend

Advancement leaders who oversee a team of fundraisers and are looking to maximize team effectiveness to reach fundraising goals of the institution will benefit from this program.



  • How to lead an effective team – not just an efficient one
  • Cultivating time management and focus
    • What gets in the way of your team’s productivity?
    • What does an effective calendar look like for a fundraiser?
  • Increasing transparency by sharing trends, dashboards, and contact reports
  • Day-to-day strategies to increase team capacity



Kathy Drucquer Duff, CFRE

Coach, Consultant, and Optimizer, KDD Philanthropy

Kathy is an executive advancement officer with over 25 years of experience helping non-profits and institutions transform the way they practice philanthropy. Kathy provides this expertise from her experience in higher education and healthcare, where she developed fundraising plans that have secured gifts of up to nine figures. The “grow your own” fundraiser model that Kathy developed is built on a structured talent management program that maximizes existing resources, inspires loyalty, and generates fundraising results. This approach has led to comprehensive programs in donor pipeline development, talent acquisition, new-hire onboarding, individualized retention, and in-house professional development. Read Kathy's full bio.


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