Sharing Your Story and Experience as an Underrepresented Woman



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Communicate your unique experiences as an underrepresented woman with confidence and authenticity.

Your story as an underrepresented woman in the academy shapes your approaches to conflict, problem-solving, and decision-making. The perspective of underrepresented women is unique, and yet, too often we discount that unique position – burying it or even rejecting it. Denying our story does a huge disservice to our leadership potential and growth and to those we serve. How can you begin to articulate your story to fully express who you are as a professional and become stronger and more effective?

Join us online and learn how to define and share your unique leadership strengths in an authentic and credible way. You will practice identifying, storyboarding, and communicating your past experiences, motivations, and unique perspectives so that you leave with at least one story you can share with others to help you communicate your authentic self.


Who Should Attend

We’ve designed this webcast for:

  • Underrepresented women at any stage of their career. If you are an underrepresented woman who is interested in learning how to use your unique stories and experiences to help you lead from a place of greater authenticity and confidence, this webcast is for you!
  • Emerging leaders who need help finding and using their leadership voice so that they can overcome barriers smoothly and quickly as they rise in leadership.
  • Experienced leaders who may be looking to expand their voice as an advocate for other under-represented women and/or boost their own confidence by learning how to make sure their own voice is heard.



Your expert speaker will help you define and share your leadership story.

  1. Embrace Your Experiences: Through a creative storyboard exercise, you’ll discover how to envision and define your authentic leadership style – one built on your unique experiences, perspective, and identity as an underrepresented woman.
  2. Empower Your Voice: Learn a 5-step process for how to start telling your leadership story in a meaningful way to assert yourself as a confident, credible, and authentic leader.


What’s Included With This Webcast

This webcast comes with the following activities to help you define and share your leadership story:

Activity 1: Identifying Your Inspiration – This worksheet will help you brainstorm people or events who inspired you, taught you or shaped you into the person you are today.

Activity 2: Building Your Symphony – This worksheet will help you identify how your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age and/or past experiences have shaped you into the person you are today.

Activity 3: Making Your Leadership Voice Sing – This worksheet will help you identify trends and themes in the activities above, so that you can begin to identify how your story reveals itself.

Activity 4: Empowering Your Voice – This worksheet will walk you through a 5-step process for how to begin sharing your story with others.


What Attendees Are Saying About This Webcast

“Very empowering! Thank you for great content!”

“This webcast was jam-packed with detail and useful tips! It was affirmative and proactive. Both an opportunity to feel heard in our struggles and find solutions that make our careers more sustainable. Keep doing what you are doing!”

“I think this was one of the most beneficial Academic Impressions workshops. Very helpful!”

“I really enjoyed being a part of this and hearing all of the great conversations!”



Ashley Morris

Dean of Business and Professional Services, Savannah Technical College 

Dr. Morris manages initiatives related to all divisional programs, courses, and instructional services, including community, high school, and college programs, as well as promotion of the College to public and private organizations. She leads a team of faculty and staff toward being transforming practitioners and providing learning experiences that equip students for the workforce and further education. Dr. Morris leads people who are “becoming.” She says, “I am a cheerleader, point of connection, resource provider, mentor, warrior, infuser, public servant, motivational speaker, and strategic consultant. No matter the arena, I remind people of the beauty of their journey and teach them how to achieve the outcomes they desire.” Read Ashley's full bio here.


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