The Introvert’s Guide to Academic Leadership: How Introverts and Extraverts Build Successful Teams (Webcast Recording)



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Effective academic leadership requires a deeper awareness of ways both introverts and extraverts are motivated. This goes beyond common generalizations based on talkative or quiet natured professionals.

Join us for this online training and learn the strengths introverts bring to the table and the adaptive skills so that as an introvert, you can lean into your strengths to lead more effectively, or as an extravert, you can be more sensitive to the dynamics of your team.    

Why Introverted Leadership is Critical

Due to the nature of research and scholarship, higher education attracts higher numbers of introverts.  This is why it’s even more critical for academic leadership to apply specific strategies to create a highly engaging and motivating environment for both introverts and extraverts.

Additional Resources

Included in your registration is a workbook of supplemental exercises and a self-assessment to help you and your team start the conversation about the different qualities of introverts and extraverts.

Who Should Attend

Academic leaders who are charged with building and motivating teams, such as department chairs, deans, and faculty aspiring to be academic leaders.


Strategy #1| Play to Your Strengths

If you are an introvert, you will learn how you can be most effective.   Extraverts will better understand their own biases and will learn to hone-in on the ways introverts can best contribute.  

Strategy  #2| Learned Extraversion

Introverts will benefit from ways to conserve energy through coping strategies that can prepare them for the often needed extraverted skillset common in leadership roles.    Extraverts will find better ways to motivate introverted colleagues ensure they are set up for success.

Strategy #3| Build a Balanced Team

Both introverts and extraverts can apply this set of tactics to ensure their teammates are comfortable, to draw on their strengths, and to compensate for weaknesses of each group, resulting in stronger, cohesive teams and better leadership.


Jeff Buller, Director, Leadership and Professional Development, Florida Atlantic University


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