Presidential Transition Guide

A book + digital recording and course packet by Kathleen D. Gaval and Pat Sanaghan

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We are expecting 700 presidential transitions in the next two years. Our Guide will help you navigate the change.

Presidential transitions are a fragile time for every institution. This Presidential Transition Guide by Kathleen D. Gaval and Pat Sanaghan is designed to support leaders of higher education to successfully navigate this transition process. This Guide will provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools to accomplish four goals:

  1. Build authentic relationships between new presidents and key stakeholders
  2. Accelerate the new president’s learning curve
  3. Identify and prioritize strategic initiatives for the first year
  4. Help the new president build a strong senior leadership team quickly


What You Get When You Purchase

Included with your purchase is:

  • A 90-page guidebook providing a detailed transition walkthrough with tools and strategies that have helped new presidents hit the ground running
  • An accompanying online resource page with additional resources that will help you make the most of your Transition Guide:
    • 3 in-depth resources detailing pitfalls to avoid during the transition:
      • The 10 Early Warning Signs of Derailment – paper by Pat Sanaghan
      • 10 Mistakes New Presidents Make – paper by Kathleen D. Gaval and Pat Sanaghan
      • 10 Mistakes New Presidents Make – recorded webcast from Pat Sanaghan
    • Tutorials from Pat Sanaghan
      • Video Tutorial: Creating an Adhocracy Map for your campus
      • Audio Tutorial: Creating a Relationship Map for the new president
    • 9 tools, samples, and templates for use during the transition