From Presidential Transition to Integration

Why so many abrupt presidential exits? And how can we prevent them?

The only book of its kind, From Presidential Transition to Integration is a practical, in-depth handbook to setting up a college or university presidency for success. It’s a must-read for aspiring presidents, transition committees, and boards.

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by Patrick Sanaghan
with Steven Titus, Karen Whitney, and Kathleen Gaval

217 pages
ISBN: 978-1-948658-13-3

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Why so many abrupt presidential exits? And how can we prevent them?

There are hundreds of presidential transitions taking place every year, but many are doomed to derail early. Why is this? Often, it’s because attention is paid only to the initial hire and transition. Though the search process is important in selecting a new president, it is merely one component in a larger integration process that will make or break a presidential tenure. If we are to prevent presidential derailments, then the integration needs to be explicit, strategic, well-executed, and monitored and owned by campus leaders, especially by the governing board.

Drawing on research into hundreds of presidential transitions, filled with strategies that have been tested at colleges and universities, and written by a leading leadership consultant with contributions from former and current presidents, From Presidential Transition to Integration provides an in-depth handbook to setting up a new presidency for success.

Included in this book:

  • Pitfalls in the presidential transition process and how to avoid them
  • 8 strategies and tools for speeding up a new president’s learning curve
  • 4 processes to help a new president build relational capital
  • A proposal for further research into the process of presidential integration
  • Critical advice for new presidents
  • Advice for exiting presidents
  • Meeting designs that can help the new president and their senior team build informal databases of knowledge about the institution, its opportunities and challenges, and its future.

From Presidential Transition to Integration is a must-read for aspiring presidents, boards, and executive search and transition committees. Order your copies today.


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