Writing Meaningful Contact Reports: A Handbook for Fundraisers

Effective contact reports help build the future of a donor’s relationship with your institution.

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By Jason McNeal
77 pages
ISBN: 978-1-948658-10-2

Effective contact reports help build the future of a donor’s relationship with your institution. But gift officers are rarely trained to write reports that contain the information advancement leaders need to succeed. How do you improve the reporting skills needed to write detailed and useful reports?

What’s included in this book

In Writing Meaningful Contact Reports: A Handbook for Fundraisers, Jason McNeal of Gonser Gerber, LLP guides you through these challenges by:

  • Defining which interactions require contact reports
  • Demonstrating how contact reports can play a vital part in strengthening your institution’s culture of philanthropy
  • Providing examples of high- and low-quality contact reports
  • Outlining key elements of contact reports
  • Addressing ways to make writing reports easier
  • Providing worksheets and templates to assist you in writing and using reports more effectively

Make your reports more effective, and build the foundation for lifelong relationships for your donors.

Reviews from the field

“… Those new to advancement work will find that the fun-loving case studies wonderfully illustrate the nuances of effective reporting while the ‘primer’ on prospect management provides a clear, concise overview of moves management shepherding—thus, further highlighting the importance writing meaningful contact reports plays as we document our activities with prospects and donors alike.”
– Bud Christman, Vice President for Advancement, Mars Hill University
“…This book has inspired me to re-evaluate the importance of documenting contact reports and the important role I play in enhancing the culture of philanthropy at my institution.”
– J. Steven Barnes, Senior Director of Development, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
“… I would recommend this be the first book you ask a new development officer coming on your team to read, regardless of their years of experience….Dr. McNeal provides extremely useful examples of contact reports that can easily be implemented while removing the intimidation and hesitancy of getting them done on a timely basis.”
– Alan Medders, Vice President for Advancement, Columbus State University
“…McNeal demonstrates that completion of contact reports does not have to be a big time-eater….Jason McNeal is putting forth a concise and precise standard for the fundraising arena; this handbook will be a solid reference manual for any fundraiser’s personal library.”
– Jeff Lorber, EdD, Vice Chancellor for Advancement, University of Illinois Springfield & Senior Vice President, University of Illinois Foundation

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