Comprehensive Fundraising Campaigns: A Guide for Presidents and Boards

by James Langley

The in-depth guide: What every president and board member should know before launching the next campaign.

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By James Langley
183 pages
ISBN: 9781948658065

Update your approach to running a modern comprehensive campaign.

This book will ground board members, presidents, vice presidents for advancement, deans and other critical stakeholders with an objective and comprehensive understanding of what it takes to achieve higher levels of success in a campaign. Learn specific strategies to:

  • Adapt your campaign to new economic and demographic realities
  • Make a better case for support
  • Use campaign counsel effectively
  • Divide labor between president, VP of advancement, and board
  • Optimize your trustees’ involvement
  • Manage the 7 key phases of a campaign

Praise for Comprehensive Fundraising Campaigns and Jim Langley

Comprehensive Fundraising Campaigns: A Guide for Presidents and Boards is a treasure trove of great advice, forward-thinking reflections, and the tough but much needed questions that presidents, boards, vice presidents and deans need to ask one another before embarking on a fundraising campaign. Jim Langley is a thought leader who understands not just the history of philanthropy and advancement but shines a light on where universities need to begin altering practices to thrive in this era of competing philanthropic interests. Campaigns today are ubiquitous, but Jim pushes the leaders of institutions to examine critically the current environment at their institution and the factors required for success in the emergent campaign. In short, this book is a must-read for anyone contemplating a 21st century campaign grounded in sound strategy, strong vision, and market-focused insight.”
Matthew T. Lambert, Vice President for University Advancement, William & Mary
“Jim Langley has done it again. In this, his fourth book, Jim writes with the same clear and elegant prose readers have come to know and appreciate. The gift of this work, though, is in the content delivered–the ideas, the strategies, and the practices worthy of employment in what has become a new and challenging season for advancement professionals. While some may write solely in abstractions, and others may communicate purely the most practical of steps for advancement work, this work lives equally well in both realms. Jim Langley grounds his counsel in the overarching themes of appreciation, affiliation, agency and accountability, and then guides the reader through the most practical, yet nuanced, steps for conducting a comprehensive fundraising campaign. Anyone in advancement work, whether seasoned or novice, will benefit greatly from this book. For our team, it will be a must-read.”
Scott McQuilkin, VP for Institutional Advancement, Whitworth University
“Jim Langley is the ultimate professional fundraiser… he makes fundraising process so logical and smart and he’s a natural teacher of the trade!”
Megan Juby, Director of Development, School of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
“Jim helps me think about the development process in a donor-centric manner, rather than staff-centric focus.”
Burnie Atterbury, Vice President for University Development and Alumni Relations, University of the Pacific
“Jim Langley is an outstanding source of expertise for Advancement/Development/Alumni professionals. Jim brings a wealth of experience to the discussion, and many ideas that can be applied in any cultural and institutional setting.”
Nancy Cardozo, Director of Advancement for Faculty of Science, Simon Fraser University


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