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Supervision is a Difference-Maker

The landscape has changed on college campuses, with a critical need being the recruitment and retention of employees-- and the key is the role of the supervisor. Research has found as much as a 70% increase in team engagement thanks to effective supervision.

Effective supervision occurs at every level of the organization: from individuals supervising teams, to individuals supervising multiple departments, to vice presidents supervising divisions. No matter what your level within the organization, supervision requires the following:

  • Providing a foundation of purpose, values and vision that the team, department, and division utilizes in their day-to-day operations.
  • Establishing expectations and providing feedback to accomplish team, department, and division goals.
  • Understanding the importance of and challenges with conflict.
  • Building a connection with others grounded in trust, empathy, and the desire to help the employees grow.

Our goal is to assist higher education in creating the ultimate employee experience through enhanced supervision.

Our Supervision training and resources are designed to meet learners where they are.

Choose from cohorted-based learning programs or self-paced options that target specific needs.

Supervision Certificate Program

Included in Membership

Weekly learning delivered directly to you—in bite-sized lessons.

Great for Teams or Individuals

Time Commitment:
Average of 2.5 Hours a Week for 4 weeks

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Consume our supervisor curriculum over the course of 4 weeks. Each week you’ll have an average of 2.5 hours of work that can be completed on-demand. The course will be capped off with a live session.

  • Get a weekly email with on-demand videos, along with activities that can be completed on your lunch break over the course of the week.
  • Attend a live session during your final week to ask questions and interact with the instructor, as well as peers from around the country.
  • Earn a certificate of completion.

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Certificate Program Curriculum

Week #1-- Introduction, Self-Discovery, and Team Development – The course begins with an overview of research on the importance of supervision and the qualities of effective supervision. A series of self-discovery exercises are also discussed, exploring the key topics of core values, propensity to trust, and change style. Team Development will explore how to identify team values, articulate team purpose, and chart the course for the future.

Week #2-- Performance Management – Learn the key tools for building employee engagement, including onboarding, setting expectations, providing feedback and professional development.

Week #3-- Managing Conflict – Learn strategies to create an environment to support healthy conflict and constructively resolve personnel issues.

Week #4 – Coaching and Live Session – The asynchronous Coaching content will explore the components necessary to effectively coach your team. Our final live session will help participants determine the path forward for effective supervision.

Self-Paced Options

Included in Membership

Take the on-demand courses below anytime, anywhere. Check back regularly to view new trainings and resources.

Female boss standing in a meeting


Encore and Live Q&A: Setting up the Supervisory Relationship: Understanding and Adapting Your Supervisory Style

June 6, 2023

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Business Meeting


Supervising Intergenerational Teams: A Training for Higher Education Leaders

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Fostering Psychological Safety in Your Team

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A Five-Step Model for Supervision: Cultivating and Retaining Your Staff

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Customize the Topics for Your Division or Institution

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Maximize team learning and team cohesion by customizing our supervision development curriculum to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Great for Teams - Tailored to meet needs of campus

Can be in person, virtual, or blended

Training can stand alone or be used to supplement existing programs

Academic Impressions works with dozens of institutions to customize training based on the unique needs of each campus. We take a flexible approach in how we design each workshop.

We can provide one or two-day workshops to kick-off and capstone an annual cohort-based program, including providing multiple assessments and personalized coaching.

We can supplement existing programs or provide a full end-to-end solution for an institution’s supervision program. In these cases, we assist with everything from identifying participants (criteria, process, etc.), managing all participant communication, designing and customizing every aspect of the program, bringing in assessments and coaching, assessing the program’s effectiveness, and more.

Regardless of the option, we work closely with campus partners to customize the program based on the unique goals and context of the institution and the participants.

Additional supervision topics available that can be added to a custom workshop include:

  • The Essential Element of Trust
  • The Inevitability of Change
  • Effective Team Culture
  • Psychological Safety
  • Integrity: Character of Great Leadership
  • Strengths Based Teams
  • Kraybill Conflict Assessment

Fully Train Supervisors with our Comprehensive Bootcamp

Discounted with Membership

Great for Individuals or Teams – Get a discount by sending 3+ people

Each week for 6 weeks you’ll attend one live session and complete up to 1 hour of asynchronous activities

Includes our 5 paths assessment and debrief to help you better understand your leadership style

As a part of the bootcamp, you will have two one-on-one 30-minute coaching sessions with Dr. Therese Lask, the bootcamp facilitator

Discovering Self and Developing Essential Skills: A Bootcamp for New Supervisors

Join us online for a six-week intensive experience specifically designed for higher education supervisors who are new to their roles or looking to deepen their skills. The bootcamp includes both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities as well as two private coaching sessions. This blend of engagement opportunities will allow you time to reflect on and then share your learning in a communal group setting during the live online weekly sessions. The bootcamp is limited to 25 participants to ensure a personal, engaging, and action-oriented experience.

You will leave the bootcamp as a member of a network of new supervisors, with a deeper understanding of effective strategies for supervision, as well as with a host of practical tools you can apply right away to better support individual, team and organizational goals.

Upcoming sessions:


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Coaching can help you gain clarity in your career, increase your level of self-awareness, hone your skill set, and reach your full potential within the context of the industry. Our team of coaches can help higher ed leaders at all levels excel and accelerate their career development.

Individual or group coaching can supplement any supervision program.

What Sets Us Apart

Through the thousands of leadership trainings we facilitate we have developed an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the industry, such as shared governance, consensus mentality, the slow pace of change, the unique role of faculty, and many others

To ensure the most productive relationship, you get to choose the coach who best fits your needs, knowing they have been carefully selected to offer insights into the key concerns of higher education today

You will be exposed to our network of carefully vetted coaches who each have extensive experience in a diverse range of universities and colleges

Learn how our executive coaching compares to other programs

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