Advancing a More Equitable Transfer Agenda: Lessons from the City University of New York

Chet Jordan, Ph.D., Dean of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, GreenfieldCommunity College We often neglect silence. In our quest to preserve and uplift success, we shy away from what isn’t there, from who and what was left behind, and from the stories that got lost along the way. It is beautiful to celebrate the grit, […]

Scholarly Productivity and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cultivating Community in a Remote Writing Group

Dr. Carol Anne Constabile-Heming, Professor of German, University of North Texas. Because of the isolation that resulted from the emergency shut down of colleges and universities as a response to the spread of COVID-19 in the spring semester, the sense of community that ordinarily germinates organically on college and university campuses all but vanished. This, […]

Reflections From 14 Years as a Department Chair

By Gordon E. Harvey, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor & Department Chair,Jacksonville State University Thinking about becoming a department chair? Here’s what I wish someone had told me when I started. As a junior faculty member, I envisioned a life of teaching and writing, but never one of supervision and leadership. To be sure, I still teach […]

If You Want to be a Creative Leader, Cultivating Curiosity is a Good Start

Share this article and webcast with colleagues. Curiosity drives learning.  Indeed, curiosity is what brought many of us to work in higher education. We’re trained to be curious – at least within certain domains. Even Albert Einstein revealed that “I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted…I am only very, very curious.” Yet for many […]

How the University of North Florida Integrated Academic and Student Affairs

By Daniel Moon, Associate Provost and Professor, University of North Florida Higher education institutions are facing pressure to increase student success measures and become more efficient. Each of these can present significant challenges for universities but having to solve both challenges simultaneously can be daunting. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to add layers of […]

Land Acknowledgement as an Equity Practice in Higher Education

Aya ceeki eeweemaakiki. Niila Myaamia. Neehweeta weenswiaani myaamiaataweenki. Nichole akala shima tawengi. Hello all my relatives. I am Myaamia. My Myaamia name is Neehweeta, which means she speaks. Nichole is my English name. _____________________ The Myaamia first emerged as a distinct people along the banks of the Saakiiweesiipi (St. Joseph’s River near South Bend, Indiana). […]

Developing Social Justice Training for Student Staff: One Administrator’s Experience

As the administrator of a one-person office at a small, private, liberal arts university, I rely heavily on my teams of student staff. Together we provide academic support for just over 2,000 undergraduate students and 200 graduate students through several targeted programs that lead to increased success and retention. Training my student staff is a […]

“DECLINED” Can my proposal be revived?

Why do so many grant proposals get rejected? Funding rates hover at about 20% across all federal agencies: the competition is fierce. For new faculty who are inexperienced, their chances of getting funded are more like 10-15%. This is due in part to PI inexperience with proposal writing and/or interpreting review comments and constructively utilizing […]

Academic Entrepreneurship: Managing your academic program portfolio in times of disruption

We recently sat down with Dr. Melissa Morriss-Olson, former Provost at Bay Path University, to discuss her recently-released book “Academic Entrepreneurship: The Art and Science of Creating the Right Academic Programs.” The following interview—which contains myriad practical suggestions for academic leaders looking to think creatively to move their divisions and institutions forward—is what materialized. 1. […]

Six Months In: Leadership Lessons Gleaned from the COVID Crisis

Introduction Six months ago, I wrote a piece about what I had learned as a university president in the early days of the pandemic. We were less than 30 days into the national shutdown. It was hard to imagine that the pandemic, and our lives on campus, would evolve as they have. The subsequent surfacing […]