Why Measuring Diversity Matters

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This is one of two companion articles that form a dual installment in our "Changing How We Understand the Market" series. The companion article to this one is "How the Simpson's Index Can Offer Universities a Different Look at Diversity" by Jon Boeckenstedt.

In this series, we analyze current enrollment and demographics data, uncovering stories that challenge how institutions often understand their marketplace—or that shed new light on emerging trends. We want to encourage a deeper look at the implications of today’s marketplace data. We hope that you will share these stories across your institution and use them to start critical conversations to drive not only enrollment strategy but discussions of curricular offerings, student support, and course design. While we’ll highlight findings and stories worthy of closer attention, each article includes an easy-to-use Tableau dashboard that you and your colleagues can use to drill deep in the data yourself.

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by Ricardo Azziz, Regents’ Professor, Augusta University;
Former President, Georgia Regents University & Georgia Health Sciences University;
Senior Fellow, Pullias Center for Higher Education, University of Southern California

Diversity. Seems to be top of mind in a lot of conversations on university and college campuses today, not the least as it reflects much of the national conversation occurring in this election year.  The sole word leaves few in higher education administration unmoved… but not all in the same manner. For some, it represents a rallying cry to action… maybe even battle. For others, it drives them to silence, as they sense the faint odor of hypocrisy and political correctness. And for still others, it brings about torpor and apathy, as they remember they heard this one before… and nothing happened.

But no matter how we individually feel about the subject, diversity IS a critical issue affecting our nation and our campuses. Recent data from the Pew Research Center provides, once again, a reminder that the US is becoming inexorably more diverse. A few highlights:

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