Actualize Your Purpose, Part 1: Connecting Your Well-Being to Your Work

During this 3-hour workshop, you will assess your well-being through the research-based Resilience @ Work framework. Then, you will explore how you can redefine success in ways that support your values and the impact you want to have in the world. You will conclude the workshop by drafting an initial plan for how you can […]

Establishing a Culture of Philanthropy as an Academic Dean

Philanthropic work in higher education is as important as ever, as the cost of delivering a high-quality education continues to increase. Academic deans are situated in an important role that allows them to guide the strategic direction of their school or college to help meet the academic mission of their institution. But to achieve their […]

Between Shame and Supremacy: A Model for Healthy White Identity Development 

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts have provoked a tidal wave of fury from a broad swath of Americans, especially some White Americans, who believe such efforts paint all White people as “bad people.” Until we develop a more nuanced understanding of the White racial identity development process that decenters shame and guilt and recenters […]

Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Academic Program Evaluation

Natural language processing, artificial Intelligence, and machine learning can help universities to allocate resources, identify areas of high demand, and optimize scheduling. Join us for an interactive discussion to learn how these powerful tools, embedded in a modern program evaluation system (PES), can help you to evaluate and improve academic programs and ensure that your […]

Maintaining Relevance in an Era of Accelerating Change: A Leadership Conversation for Provosts

As higher education is rocked by repeated external challenges, including increased politicization heightening public skepticism about its value, Provosts—charged with upholding the academic mission—must take steps to ensure that their institutions stay nimble, relevant, and financially sound. But changing the existing system can be incredibly difficult, as governance structures are often designed to protect the […]

Reclaiming Your Power in the Tenure Process for Faculty of Color

As a faculty member in higher education, there are no guarantees. You weren’t guaranteed a spot in your doctoral program, nor were you guaranteed to land a tenure-track position. And now, you’re also not guaranteed to earn tenure and become an associate professor. This may leave you asking yourself, “What is within my control?” This […]

Training Frontline Student Leaders in Customer Service

As institutions prepare to open for the new academic year, training frontline student leaders—including Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, and front desk workers—is critical to enhancing the campus culture of service and creating a welcoming environment. Not highlighting “customer service” skills in student staff training leaves your most prominent frontline ambassadors ill-equipped to make a great […]

Success Managing a Hybrid Workforce

While many supervisors ‘got by’ in managing a hybrid workforce when the pandemic necessitated it, it is now a strategic recruitment and retention tool for many institutions, and frankly, it is here to stay. Despite this, training on how to manage hybrid teams successfully is woefully lacking. If we fail to learn how to best […]

Equipping Gift Officers to Facilitate Conversations Among Multi-Generational Families

The exercise of facilitating philanthropic conversations around values with the families you engage with is essential for the long-term philanthropic viability of your institution. However, gift officers are often not trained for this unique approach to fundraising that focuses on the family. Instead, they may often feel a natural hesitation to insert themselves into these […]