Leading Through Bias Incidents on Campus

Last updated October 16, 2018

Course Length

1h 5m

Last Updated

October 16, 2018

Leading Through Bias Incidents on Campus

Last updated October 16, 2018

Be prepared to successfully lead your campus through bias incidents.


In today’s socio-political landscape, bias-fueled incidents are becoming more and more widespread on campuses. Several incidents involving significant bias have even made national headlines (see CSU, UNH and Yale), so it is imperative that institutions train their staff on how to respond to and manage these events appropriately with minimal damage.

Our instructor, who experienced a high-profile bias incident at her institution recently, will share preparation strategies to competently handle such experiences while preserving the campus community and the institution’s reputation.

Who should attend?

Institutional leaders who wish – no matter the scope or scale of the incident – to obtain critical lessons on how to effectively respond to bias incidents should participate in this training. The webcast will provide valuable content for staff responsible for recognizing, investigating, or resolving bias incidents. We encourage you to attend in teams from the following areas of campus:

  • Presidents and Executive Staff
  • Marketing and Communications
  • External/Public Relations
  • Student Affairs
  • Diversity and Inclusion Professionals
  • Public Safety and Operations


During this hour-long webcast, our experienced instructor will walk you through the essential considerations of successfully handling bias incidents on your campus. We will cover the following areas:

  • Recognizing a bias incident
  • Identifying key stakeholders on your campus and discussing specific roles/responsibilities
  • Leadership vs. Management – Developing a plan for follow through
  • Key considerations when developing an internal and external response to incidents
  • Restorative practices to repair harm inflicted on campus community

What is a bias incident?

A bias incident or hate incident is an act of hostility motivated by racism, sexism, religious intolerance, or other prejudices that is intended to target and marginalize people based on their social, political, racial, gender, or religious identities. Bias incidents cause harm, confusion, and frustration within the community, and restoring campus trust takes time and effort.