Communicating Effectively about Instances of Bias or Discrimination

Last updated January 31, 2022

Communicating Effectively about Instances of Bias or Discrimination

Last updated January 31, 2022

Improve the quality of your campus communication on bias or discrimination issues by clarifying the Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer’s roles.


In recent years, there has been an uptick in egregious biased or discriminatory incidents that have caught the attention of news and media outlets. When such instances occur, institutions must issue a timely communication quickly, and Chief Diversity and Marketing and Communication Officers are often the ones in charge of formulating the response. However, in the pressure of the moment, it can be difficult to keep communication aligned, maintain focus, and develop a clear plan of action. But each of these aspects is critically important to ensuring that you can collaborate seamlessly, and that you can execute notices in a responsible and timely fashion.

Join us for this live online event to discuss how you, as the Chief Diversity Officer or Marketing and Communication Officer, can co-lead in times of crisis in order to issue timely communication regarding biased or discriminatory incidents as targeted at historically minoritized groups during prominent or local events. In this training, you will explore the decision-making influence you should have and will also learn how each of your areas of expertise can be most strongly leveraged. Specifically, we will address how to:

  • Clarify the roles of the Chief Diversity and Marketing and Communications Officers in these high-pressure situations
  • Identify strategies that help determine the appropriate leadership response
  • Determine what should (and should not) be included in a timely communication

Our expert instructors will guide you through examples of both effective and ineffective timely communication in order to analyze what worked well and what could have been improved. They will share their best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and advice on how these two leadership roles can work effectively together when local, regional, or national crises are unfolding.


Who should attend?

Chief Diversity Officers, Marketing and Communications Officers, and other key stakeholders who are interested in understanding the influence and decisionmaking authority of these two critical roles while discussing biased or discriminatory incidents will benefit from this training. 


March 31, 2022

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern

This two-hour virtual session will feature discussions around the following topics. The questions listed are meant to be illustrative and are not exhaustive:

Viral testing
  • What kind(s) of testing is your institution considering making available?
  • What kind of funding implications will testing have?
  • How are you planning to staff the testing?
  • Where, and during what hours, will testing be available?



Contact tracing
  • What applications and technology are you looking at using?
  • How do you evaluate your options? How do you gauge pros, cons, and fit for your campus?
  • What kinds of data privacy considerations do you need to consider around HIPAA and FERPA?



Guidelines and protocols: What to do if someone gets sick?
  • What guidelines are you setting forth for students who show symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Where/how are you setting aside quarantine space on campus?
  • How are you planning for students who may be entering quarantine at different times in the requisite 14-day period?