Ensuring Quality in Online Instruction

Last updated April 30, 2020

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April 30, 2020

Ensuring Quality in Online Instruction

Last updated April 30, 2020

Take a more strategic approach to incorporating quality metrics into your online instruction.


Many institutions have made the decision to continue with online instruction for summer term and in some cases into the fall. On the horizon for many are more fully online or hybrid courses, which will necessitate a focus on quality in online learning that was not previously possible with the rapid transition to remote learning.

In this training our expert will share a Quality Matters-inspired checklist that her institution developed to outline quality metrics in three key aspects of online instruction: assignments, testing, and accessibility considerations. As we walk through the checklist, she will offer practical strategies to help you improve quality in each of these specific areas.

Who should attend?

This program has been designed for academic leaders, online education professionals, and anyone supporting faculty through a continued institutional emphasis on online instruction.

Though the checklist that will be shared during the webcast is inspired by the Quality Matters framework, its principles are transcendent and will apply at both QM and non-QM institutions.


  • Assignments

What types of assignments best lend themselves to positive learning outcomes? How can you scaffold assignments across your course so that success does not hinge on one large online exam?

  • Testing

How do we rethink traditional testing while still maintaining its integrity? What other assessments can you use in lieu of traditional exams? How can tests be proctored in the online environment?

  • Accessibility considerations

How can you allow for accommodations related to physical and cognitive disabilities in the online setting? What are the minimum standards every institution should meet when designing online courses? Who are your campus partners in this effort and when/how should they be involved?