Today's Higher Ed Leadership Challenges: A Conversation with Executive Coaches

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Today's Higher Ed Leadership Challenges: A Conversation with Executive Coaches

Learn from experienced higher ed coaches and get support for your most pressing challenges.


As higher education leaders face increasing uncertainty and complexity, more and more are turning to executive coaching to develop new strategies, deepen their leadership skillset, and grow and thrive as leaders. 

Join us for a free webcast discussion to explore some of the most pressing. Dr. Ali O’Malley, organizational psychologist and ICF-certified executive coach, and Dr. Amanda Moore McBride, professor and Dean Emerita of the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, will discuss timely issues in higher ed and also introduce some coaching tactics and strategies that you can use to begin to address those challenges. Our panel of expert coaches will discuss such topics as:  

  • Navigating health-related and mental health-related challenges among faculty, staff, and students—including challenges you may be facing yourself. 
  • Balancing it all—developing a proactive vision and strategy against the reality of reactive daily demands. 
  • Managing performance while expanding influence. 
  • Managing “up”—and getting comfortable with self-promotion and networking. 

Who should attend?

This webcast will be beneficial for higher ed leaders who hold formal or informal authority, especially at the dean/director level and above, who are: 

  • Interested in learning more about coaching in the context of higher ed. 
  • Considering coaching and looking to choose the right coach who matches their individual style and current challenges. 
  • Working with a coach and want to gain other perspectives.

Executive Coaching at Academic Impressions

Learn how working with an Academic Impressions Executive Coach, including Ali and Amanda, can support you to excel and thrive as a leader in higher education.