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This event will teach you how to create an efficient web-based one-stop shop for enrollment services using technology to increase speed and efficiency. You will learn how Thomas Edison State College was able to build an award-winning online one-stop center from scratch using phone, email, and an online database while simultaneously ensuring that students didn’t feel disconnected from the institution.

Highlighted: Learner Support Center (LSC)

Throughout our webcast, we will be focusing on the award-winning work of Thomas Edison State College. Want to learn more about their online one-stop center? View this video:

Who Should Attend

Institutional leaders and practitioners who are considering adopting an online one-stop model for enrollment services or are in the redesign phase of their one-stop implementation will benefit from this event. Institutional teams are encouraged to attend from:

  • Enrollment
  • Financial services, bursar, student accounts, and financial aid
  • Registrar’s office
  • Student services
  • Campus technology

Learning Outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to plan to create an online one-stop support model more effectively using improved staffing and one-to-one technology.


  • Pre-Implementation Phase
    • Overview of Thomas Edison State College
    • Model prior to the one-stop center
    • Making the case—why implement a one-stop?
  • Implementation: Key Elements for Success
    • Technological tools
    • Personnel structure
    • Staff development and training
    • Team building
    • Triage model
    • Student feedback
  • Measuring Success
    • Key performance indicators
    • Student satisfaction surveys
    • Staff coaching and continuous improvement


Anna Krum, Senior Student Affairs Specialist, Learner Support Center, Thomas Edison State College

Anna Krum has spent the last twenty-one years working in higher education at Thomas Edison State College.  In her current position, Krum supports Thomas Edison State College students with daily phone and email contact, answering questions and resolving student issues. Additionally, Krum provides support and assistance to the LSC team members and provides leadership as needed. Prior to joining the Learner Support Center (LSC), Krum was a program assistant in the Office of the Registrar, where she coordinated the college’s four graduations and annual commencement ceremony.

Anna has attended several customer service training conferences, most recently attending a Disney Institute conference to gain knowledge and tools to continue to improve on customer service at the College.  In addition, Krum received the Thomas Edison State College “Brightest Light” award in July 2008, and again in November 2014.  The college’s Brightest Light award recognizes and honors staff contribution and performance that consistently exceeds the duties of the position, while helping to brighten the environment of coworkers.

Gillian Wyckoff, Director of Learner Support Center, Thomas Edison State College

Gillian Wyckoff has over 7 years of experience working at a four year public institution serving adult students through online and independent study methods. She holds an MS in Curriculum and Instruction, and recently was selected as a summer fellow of Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Institute in Higher Education Management. In her role as the Director of the Learner Support Center, she manages a team of 11 people, who engage with over 112,000 student touches per year.

Gillian Wyckoff has been the Director of Thomas Edison State College’s Learner Support Center since September of 2014. In this capacity, she provides leadership, accountability, and supervision in all aspects of the Center. Thomas Edison State College’s Learner Support Center is the main point of contact for the College’s applicant and enrolled students. Its primary function is to provide proactive, professional, world class service to students and their families while empowering them to use the tools available through the website and student portals. Gillian’s previous role of Associate Director was instrumental in the origination of the center. Gillian conducted and supervised training and development for the team- from within the College as well as from outside sources. Her own professional development recently included attending Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Institute in Higher Education Management, as well as attending the annual conference. Gillian came to the LSC after spending four years as Associate Director in the Office of Admissions and a year in the Office of Strategic Partnerships. Prior to coming to the College, Gillian worked for an educational publisher for eight years, as well as in operations for an educational and classroom resource provider.


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