Create the Conditions for Sustained Philanthropic Support

Course Highlights 3h 30 m of video instruction (15 short videos) Downloadable resources Course Details Engage more alumni and donors and raise more money by assessing the overall health of your advancement shop.  In this master class, you will learn about the 4 philanthropic vital signs and what they say about the health of your […]

Train and Learn New Skills from Anywhere

Focused Learning Plans: Train and Learn New Skills from Anywhere With our departments distributed and working remotely, it is more important than ever to stay connected—at a “social distance”—and to keep learning and developing as higher-ed professionals. Use this time to sharpen your skills and stay current. Each learning plan includes a set of questions […]

6 Ways to Communicate with Students in Crisis

6 Ways to Communicate with Students in Crisis Essential Communication Responses Faculty and staff are often the first point of contact for students experiencing mental health challenges. While it may feel daunting to be in that position without having received formal training, there are 6 essential communication responses you can use to confidently communicate with […]

What is Resilience?

We want to develop resilience in our students, but this work is difficult because there are so many different definitions of resilience. Where should you start in designing targeted interventions?

Navigating Challenges of Academic Leadership

Academic chairs and deans require different playbooks than other higher ed administrators in order to be successful. This resource will introduce you to 2 philosophies that will help you increase effectiveness as an academic chair or dean.

Supporting Neurodiversity in the Classroom

Why You Need This Resource As the number or size of your classes grows, you’ll likely find it increasingly difficult to meet the variability of your learners. Since research says neurodiversity is the rule (not the exception), one-off changes and accommodations will become tedious for both you and your learners. If you’re ready for a […]

Mental Health Resources for the Campus Community

Mental Health Resources for the Campus Community Create a “network of support” on your campus by training faculty and staff to recognize and engage with students experiencing mental health challenges. Why is a cross-campus approach to mental health so critical? Watch Anne Browning from the University of Washington make the case for faculty and staff […]

Finding and Maintaining Industry Partnerships for Experiential Learning and Innovation Initiatives

Does finding and maintaining industry partnerships for experiential learning and innovation initiatives in your classroom feel like just another task you don’t have time for? Get tips and advice from marketing professor and co-founder of the Innovation Consulting Community, Dr. Peter Kaufman, on how to organically incorporate networking into your day-to-day. Peter’s success in finding […]

Online Teaching Effectiveness

Why You Need This Resource Once your online course begins, you may frequently switch between teaching time and planning time. But each time you stop teaching to start planning, you’re losing contact time with students that is especially critical in the online environment. Use these resources to save time in planning. They will help you […]

Tips for Engaging Campus Partners in Recruitment Activities

Engaging Campus Partners in Recruitment Activities You can’t expect people to participate in something they don’t understand. Be strategic in how you communicate with stakeholders so they have a clear image of what you’re trying to achieve and how they can help.   As an admissions professional, it can be tough to get academic leaders, […]