Mental Health Resources for the Campus Community

Mental Health Resources
for the Campus Community

Create a network of support on your campus by training faculty and staff to recognize and engage with students experiencing mental health challenges.

Why is a cross-campus approach to mental health so critical? Watch Anne Browning from the University of Washington make the case for faculty and staff involvement in mental health promotion and crisis prevention.

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Do you want to better understand the current mental health landscape in higher ed?

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Student Mental Health in Higher Education
Read this report to think more broadly and creatively about your own institutional approach to student mental health.

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The Role of Higher Ed in Providing Mental Health Services
Listen to this podcast to hear 3 expert opinions on the appropriate scope of service and legal considerations for mental health services in higher ed.

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Learning About Online Mental Health Tools 
Download this handout to learn about 3 types of online mental health tools institutions are adopting to connect more students to the support they need.

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Are you prepared to support your students in the moment?

Practice Communication Strategies


Strategies to Confidently Communicate with Students Experiencing Mental Health Challenges
You don't have to be a counselor to meaningfully interact with and support students in a crisis. Practice 6 essential response types so you're ready the next time a student exhibits concerning behavior.

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Implement Simple Procedures


Knowing When to File a BIT Report
It's not always easy to decide if student behavior warrants a BIT report. Use this job aid to help validate your thinking.

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Making Key Resources Readily Available
In a crisis, you need to access relevant campus services quickly. Download this handout for a simple way to ensure your team can take appropriate action discreetly and without delay.

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How can you proactively support the mental health of your students?

Instill Resilience in Your Students


What is Resilience?
Get clearer on the concept of resilience to fuel the development of meaningful interventions for your students.

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Integrating Academic and Co-Curricular Resilience Programs on Your Campus
Build an initiative to foster resilience in your students and prepare them for academic success. Join us for a unique and interactive 2-day learning experience to learn crucial considerations for successfully building and launching academic or co-curricular student resilience programs.

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Meet Our Expert Contributors

Portrait of Rahul Bhat

Rahul Bhat

Learning Strategist, The University of Toronto

Read Rahul's full bio here.

Photo of Anne Browning, Ph.D. Founding Director of the University of Washington Resilience Lab

Anne Browning

Founding Director, UW Resilience Lab

Read Anne's full bio here.

Photo of Cathy Buyarski, Ph.D., executive director of Student Success Initiatives at IUPUI

Cathy Buyarski, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Student Success Initiatives

Read Cathy's full bio here.

Portrait of Genevieve Chandler

Genevieve “Ginny” Chandler

Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Read Ginny's full bio here.

Portrait of Jim Helling

Jim Helling, LICSW

Senior Clinical Social Worker & Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Read Jim's full bio here.

Portrait of Chad Jankowski

Chad Jankowski

Health Promoter, University of Toronto

Read Chad's full bio here.

portrait of Jackie Leibsohn

Jackie Leibsohn

Associate Professor, Licensed Psychologist

Read Jackie's full bio here.

Portrait of Tayyab Rashid

Tayyab Rashid

Psychotherapist, The University of Toronto, Scarborough

Read Tayyab's full bio here.

Portrait of D. Reetz

David Reetz

Director of Counseling & Psychological Services

Read David's full bio here.


Rabia Khan Harvey, Academic Impressions

Rabia Khan Harvey
Senior Program Manager, Academic Impressions

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