Leadership Learning Plan- Supervision in Higher Education


Leadership Learning Plan- Supervision in Higher Education


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Leadership Learning Plan

Supervision in Higher Education

This learning plan brings together the four areas of supervision we are most often asked about: getting started, conflict & communication, delegation, and performance appraisals.

Getting Started (~2 hours)

If you need comprehensive frameworks for supervision, start here. 

Webcast Recording: Effective Supervision in Higher Education
The supervisory model reviewed here will help you develop the capacity of your direct reports, boost the trust in your supervisory relationships, and ensure you have established an effective supervisory structure.
Short Lesson: Coaching in Supervision
If you are spending too much time overseeing your direct reports, this short lesson will help you build their capacity so you can spend less time directing their work.
Additional Readings
This curated list of books, articles, and online resources will expand your own understanding of supervision and can be a meaningful addition to your supervisor training program.

Communication & Conflict Management (~2 hours)

If you feel like you need to be more effective when discussing tough issues, check out the following resources.

Activity: Active Listening and Framing Exercises
Active listening and effective framing can help to ensure difficult conversations remain productive. Practice these valuable skills by working through the various scenarios presented here with a partner.
Job Aid: 5 Essential Questions All Supervisors Need to Ask Themselves
Periodically reflect on whether you are achieving these 5 key supervisory competencies.
Job Aid: Healthy Dialogue Dashboard
The steps, strategies, and verbiage suggestions contained here will help you be prepared for your next tough conversation.

If you want more resources on conflict check out our Conflict Management learning plan.

Delegation & Empowering Others (~2 hours)

If you feel like you are “stretched too thin” the skills reviewed here may help you create more time while also empowering your direct reports. 

Videos: Micromanagement Video Series
Supervisors who have been told they micromanage OR those working under a micromanager can watch these 10 videos to mitigate the dynamic of excessive control and attention to detail.
Job Aid: Collaborative Decision-Making Handout
Brush up on 3 high-level models for collaborative decision making you can use in your meetings or team projects with this straightforward printable.
Job Aid: 5 Levels of Decision Making
It is important for people involved in decision making to be clear on their roles or responsibilities in the process.  Print and reference the 5 levels of decision making outlined here to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Effective Feedback & Performance Appraisals (~2 hours)

If you want to ensure you are providing meaningful feedback that helps your direct report grow their skills, start here.

Job Aid: Performance Review Questionnaire
These 7 questions will help you and your direct reports prepare for and document performance reviews.
Webcast Recording: The Art and Practice of Giving and Receiving Feedback
Using real scenarios drawn from higher education, this training will help you give and receive feedback with confidence.
Job Aid: Giving Feedback Steps & Strategies
This job aid provides scripts to help you provide meaningful feedback in any situation, including when negative feelings are present.  Each step and strategy is backed up by concrete actions, scripts, and examples.
Job Aid: 10 Keys to Giving Constructive Feedback
This resource helps you determine if you are providing meaningful feedback to your direct reports by providing some guiding principles.

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