Emotional Intelligence for Academic Teams: A 5-Day Course

Emotional Intelligence for Academic Teams: A 5-Day Course

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Learn how to recognize emotions in yourself and others to improve your productivity or prepare for a promotion.

Academic leaders and faculty members often cite the importance of interpersonal skills when leading an academic unit, managing a research team, or functioning as a productive member of any team or unit in academia. However, emotional intelligence and self-awareness are less commonly mentioned as predictors of success among academic teams.

In this video course, department chairs and faculty will discover the connection between emotional intelligence and individual, team, and department results. Through Daniel Goleman’s four pillars of emotional intelligence, you will get ideas for how to:

  • Manage graduate students, research teams, or labs more effectively
  • Handle conflict and difficult personalities with more ease
  • Mentor and manage graduate students

You will learn Daniel Goleman’s four pillars of emotional intelligence and informally assess your skill in each of these pillars. Once you have a greater awareness of how you “show up” for yourself and others, we’ll offer simple suggestions for how you can manage yourself and your relationships more productively.


Who Will Benefit

Faculty and department chairs as well as academic search committees who need to assess the emotional intelligence of candidates will benefit from this course.


How It Works

For 5 days, Monday – Friday, you will get daily emails with bite-sized videos that you can complete in 30 minutes or less each day.

A new cohort starts every Monday.

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Before You Start


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Monday to Friday

Day 2

13 minutes

Pillar 1: Self-Awareness

Emotional Self-Awareness

Accurate Self-Assessment & Self Regard

Download Resources and Complete:

Self-Awareness (pages 2-3 in the workbook)

Day 3

16 minutes

Pillar 2: Self-Management




Download Resources and Complete:

Self-Management (pages 5-10 in the workbook)

Day 4

7 minutes

Pillar 3: Social Awareness


Download Resources and Complete:

Social Awareness (page 11 in the workbook)

Day 5

14 minutes

Pillar 4: Relationship Management

Developing Others

Change Catalyst

Next Steps

Download Resources and Complete:

Relationship Management (pages 12-14 in the workbook)

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