Practicing Mindfulness: A 9-Day Program for Higher-Ed Professionals

Practicing Mindfulness:
A 9-Day Program for Higher-Ed Professionals

Combat burnout and stress by incorporating mindfulness techniques into your daily life. Sign up to receive bite-sized mindfulness lessons and activities daily for 9 business days.

The next cohort starts on Monday.


We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to show up, keep going, and perform. It's easy to lose sight of the simple moments of joy and substance in our everyday lives. Through this video course, you will develop a daily mindfulness practice that enables you to pause, connect more deeply with what’s going on around you, and stay grounded in the present moment.

Comprised of simple techniques that make use of all your senses—thought, sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, and feeling—you will come away with a variety of mindfulness methods that you can easily integrate into your busy everyday life. Higher ed professionals at all levels who are seeking more intention, purpose, and connection will benefit from this course. This course is valued at $595, but is free for members.


Who Will Benefit

This course is designed to meet the needs of busy higher-ed professionals at every level.


How It Works

For 9 days, Monday – Friday, you will get daily emails with bite-sized videos that you can complete in 30 minutes or less each day.

A new cohort starts every Monday.

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Academic Impressions Members: submit your email address associated to your membership account to enroll in this 9-day program. You will get daily emails Monday through Thursday with bite-sized videos and activities that you can complete in your lunch break each day.

Before You Start


Make sure you’re logged in with your membership credentials.


Start the course on this webpage or from one of your daily emails.

Week 1

Monday to Friday

Day 1

11 minutes

The Background of Mindfulness

What is Your Why?

Download Resources and Complete:
What’s my why? (Found on page 3 of the workbook)

Day 2

17 minutes

Monkey Mind

Download Resources and Complete:
Monkey Mind (Found on page 4 of the workbook)

Day 3

12 minutes

Mindful Eye

Download Resources and Complete:
Mindful Eye (Found on page 5 of the workbook)

Day 4

10 minutes

Mindful Ear

Download Resources and Complete:
Mindful Ear (Found on page 6 of the workbook)

Day 5

9 minutes

Mindful Mouth

Download Resources and Complete:
Mindful Mouth (Found on page 7 of the workbook)

Week 2

Monday to Thursday

Day 6

9 minutes

Mindful Nose

Download Resources and Complete:
Mindful Nose (Found on page 8 of the workbook)

Day 7

7 minutes

Mindful Hand

Download Resources and Complete:
Mindful Hand (Found on page 9 of the workbook)

Day 8

8 minutes

Mindful Heart

Download Resources and Complete:
Mindful Heart (Found on page 10 of the workbook)

Day 9

5 minutes

Mindful Life

Completed our Practicing Mindfulness program?

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Portrait of Jill Johns

Jill Johns, DrPH

Jill is a faculty, team, and success coach who specializes in interpersonal communication, self-advocacy, and professional growth. As a certified professional coach, Jill began working with executives, leaders and front-line managers in a corporate capacity in 2010, in conjunction with leadership development training programs. She has built a thriving coaching and consulting practice in Statesboro, Georgia, with clients spanning the U.S. Her proprietary LeadWell program has enhanced team dynamics in professional settings ranging from university departments, to non-profit organizations, to locally-operated medical practices. She teaches global health and health education courses in the Jiann Ping-Hsu College of Public Health at Georgia Southern University, where she specializes in women’s quality of life and well-being.

Read Jill's full bio here.

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