A Message About Messages

By Sandra Miles, Ph.D.Head of Practice for Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Academic Impressions     We understand that global affairs such as the Israel-Palestinian Conflict can feel overwhelming for some and confusing for others. We encourage our members to take care of themselves and their students and colleagues during this time of unsettling events. To learn more about […]

Improving Advising: A Five-Step Plan

By Carol Moore Author of Advising: Meeting Student Needs? and instructor for The Dual Role of Faculty Advising in Faculty Leadership and Student Success: A Time for Discussion     This is a time of great transition in higher education. A gradual decrease in undergraduate enrollments has prompted colleges to focus on increasing retention and […]

Navigating Leadership Transitions

By Karen M. Whitney, Ph.D.President Emerita, Clarion University | Executive Coach     Every leader generally experiences the same leadership life cycle, or what I call “Whitney’s Leadership Life Cycle,” that includes a set of stages as they begin, serve in, and leave a leadership role. There are four stages to every leadership position: Aspiring, […]

Arts & Humanities: Creating Jobs and Changing Societies

By Eileen L. Strempel, Inaugural Dean of The Herb Alpert School of Music, Professor, School of Education & Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles and Baishakhi Taylor, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at New York University Abu Dhabi     This is an exciting time for dramatic technological advances and technological […]

When Innovation is More Than a Buzz Word

By David Kiel, DPH Author of Creating a Pipeline for Innovation Within Your College or University     Here’s how department chairs, deans, and unit directors can build and support the innovations that will help their institution thrive in the years to come. On many campuses you will find creative faculty, students, staff, and senior […]

Understanding Those Who Need Us: 4 Types of Students and How to Help Them

By Dr. Sue Ohrablo     As next semester’s registration period ramps up, advisors will see an increase in student traffic, experiencing long days juggling back-to-back appointments, walk-ins, phone calls, and emails. It’s a time of year filled with stress. Students are concerned that they won’t get the classes that they need, worried that they […]

Advising: Meeting Student Needs?

By Carol Moore     Several months ago, the Chronicle featured an article on advising focused on the work of Dr. Ned Laff, who detailed the importance of broad-based advising and the gaps between what today’s students need and what they frequently receive. Drawing upon an advising career at multiple colleges, Laff focused his comments […]